5 FAST Ways to Explode YOUR Traffic!

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Here are some ... ways to create a rush of traffic toyour site with 5 easy ... you can use today.1) Bring More Traffic To Your Site With One SIMPLE ... seen a massive rise in hits o

Here are some foolproof ways to create a rush of traffic to
your site with 5 easy strategies you can use today.

1) Bring More Traffic To Your Site With One SIMPLE Word!

I've seen a massive rise in hits on my counter after
discovering the magic word that draws people in crazed
hordes! And the word that delivers for me is FREE!

By simply putting that one word in my ads,Guest Posting and backing it
with something that the reader will really value, I've
noticed a steady surge of traffic coming to my site. And
even though I'm baiting them with a FREE offer, I'm still
making a hefty profit from this technique.

2) Steal Other People's Targeted Traffic!

Whether promoting an ezine or ebook, any business can
instantly benefit from the increased exposure of joint
venturing with someone in a business similar to your own.

The secret? Find someone that has a large opt-in list that
doesn't directly compete with your offer, but instead
compliments it. Approach them and let them keep half the
profits from sending your offer to their list, then do the
same for their product through your list. It's a win-win

3) Bring Hordes To Your Site For FREE When You Share!

By far writing articles is one of the best ways I know to
bring highly targeted traffic to your site. And all it takes
is minimal writing ability and a bit of knowledge that will
interest your target audience.

Articles run about 500 words, and instantly advertise your
product in front of thousands for free when only a few
quality ezines decide to use your article.

Spend a little time writing an article or two. Edit them the
next day and find places to submit. You can hit the jackpot
when you enter "Free Articles" in a good search engine.

4) Pay A Little For Lots Of Targeted Traffic!

Pay per click search engines delivers. And you can do it on
a budget.

Check out http://www.overture.com for what is, in my
opinion, the best of the best for lots of targeted traffic
to your site.

And here's a tip. Have a sales letter that really converts
visitors into buyers. That way, if you offer a product for
$29.00, and sell 1 in 30, you can get a high ranking by
bidding $.50 for each click, and walking away with about $14
for each 30 visits. And it's possible to receive hundreds of
hits in a day using pay per click search engines.

5) Only Pay For Advertising When It Makes You Money!

Nope, it's not a dream. You can bring tons of high quality
traffic to your site and only pay when the traffic buys from

The secret? Affiliate programs. And if you're not using one
right now then you're paying too much for your advertising.

With a few minutes of set up and promotion you can have your
ads on hundreds or thousands of websites. And you're only
going to pay when that advertising makes a profit for you.

Check out http://www.clickbank.com for an easy way to set up
an affiliate program.

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