Air Force 1 sneakers

Feb 16


Brian Cliette

Brian Cliette

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Nike, Inc. has produced Air Force 1 basketball sneakers since 1982. Twenty-five years later, this athletic footwear is still as popular as ever. The a...

Nike,Air Force 1 sneakers Articles Inc. has produced Air Force 1 basketball sneakers since 1982. Twenty-five years later, this athletic footwear is still as popular as ever. The appeal of Nike Air Force 1 sneakers has not diminished with time. In fact, sales of this particular sneaker model have risen with its popularity among famed celebrities. This growth in the sale of the Air Force 1 sneaker has also stimulated interest in the verification of sneaker authenticity.  Buy Nike Air Jordans, Bapes and Air Force Ones As Low As $25 a PairFor more info on Wholesale Nike Air Force Ones Click Here Wholesale Nike Air Force Ones!Unfortunately, many potential customers have discovered that authentic Air Force one sneakers can be extremely difficult to find, especially when considering an online transaction. Customers may even encounter replications that are nearly impossible to distinguish from authentic versions of the Nike Air Force 1. Fortunately, there are some useful tips that can guide one’s search. Protection of your investmentFirst, always remember that Nike sneakers must be purchased through Nike, or from an authorized dealer. If you choose to obtain this sneaker through an alternate route, always check the logo of the sneaker. The Nike “swoosh” symbol is distinctive. A trademark of Nike, Inc., its logo should always be a clear and crisp imprint on the body of the sneaker. Replications of this logo are often blurred or feature uneven stitching that would not be approved of by Nike, Inc.  In the end, the quality of the shoe will be indicative of its authenticity. Poor stitching, glued together bottoms and shoddy workmanship will allow customers to differentiate between a false item and a true Nike Air Force 1. The comfort sneakerImitation sneakers also lack the comfort that is a trademark of Nike footwear. Since its release in 1982, Nike Air Force 1 sneakers have been a comfortable sneaker.  Yet, even as its air technology increases comfort and wear, the ease of customization similarly increases its appeal to a multitude of people around the globe.Cost and AvailabilityAir Force 1 sneakers are limited sneaker that are only available from Nike or authorized dealers. Examples of authorized dealers include the stores Niketown, Finish Line and Foot Locker. As a limited shoe model, Air Force 1 sneakers are officially unavailable for purchase online.  Custom designs, however, can be ordered through Nike via the website: Most of these sneakers will cost at least $80.00. If a customer finds a sneaker that costs much less than this base price, that particular sneaker may very well be an imitation product.Online sales of Nike Air Force 1 sneakersEven though Nike Air Force 1 sneakers are not officially available through the virtual marketplace, admirers of the shoe will still be able to identify private sellers online through sites such as EBay.  Additionally, private homepages often highlight resale options for Nike Air Force 1 sneakers. In most cases, these homepage sellers are individual resellers of older Air Force 1 sneaker models. These salespersons are not affiliated with Nike, Inc., the official distributor of the Air Force 1 sneaker.