Best areas to rent villas in Dubai.

Apr 20


simon ada

simon ada

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There's no denying that Dubai is an epitome of beauty,Best areas to rent villas in Dubai. Articles and who doesn't want to lead a life in the luxury environment of the city? Unlike apartments, you must know that such a lifestyle is only possible within an extravagant villa. 

Whether you're seeking villas for rent in Al Furjan or Al Barsha, you'll get a large and spacious property with excessive amenities. In Dubai, villa communities are usually self-contained while jam-packed with housing services, including swimming pools, kid's playgrounds, and sports clubs. 

We're listing some of the most popular reliable areas to rent villas in Dubai to make the process easier.


Al Barsha is an organized neighbourhood that has experienced massive upgrades. Besides a wide variety of shopping malls, eateries, and hotels, the core of this community lies within the famous commercial and residential developments. 

As a renter, you might be glad to know that villas here are well-connected with public transportation and major highways. Therefore, it's no surprise that this community is one of the most sought-after places for renting villas. 

For a 3-rooms villa, the rent lies around AED 166k, but for a larger one, the average price increases up to AED 217k. Likewise, the annual rent for a 5-room villa is 312K.


Stripping across the idyllic Jumeirah Beach Road, Umm Suqeim has positively grown into one of the city’s most exciting and happy neighbourhoods. The spacious villas are highly admired due to the pedestrian and pet-friendly areas. 

Not to forget, you'll find well-known international schools, nurseries, hospitals, and supermarts close to your home. And how about visiting the nearby Kite Beach to make the most of your weekend if you have kids? 

The average villa rent in Umm Suqeim goes from AED 170k to AED 349k.

  1. MIDRIFF: 

If you're on a budget, you still won't be short on options. Midriff would be feasible if living in a villa is what you desire.  What sets the community apart is that it offers the old-school charm while being a great neighbourhood with top-notch facilities. 

Midriff makes an ideal location to raise a family with lush green spaces and elegantly constructed villas. As mentioned above, accommodation is quite affordable and stays between AED 84k to AED 112k. However, in setting up excess luxuries, the landlord will charge separately for it. 


While mentioning the ideal location for renting in Dubai, how can we forget the jaw-dropping villas at the world's eighth wonder? When it comes to affluent residential communities, the queue for villas for rent in Palm Jumeirah is endless. Settled along the coastline, you can delve into a thrilling lifestyle. Due to the proximity to beaches, cafes, and shopping malls, it's pretty hard to find a vacant property here. 

You can expect the rent of around AED 173k for a 3-rooms villa. The average asking rent goes up from AED 225 to AED 318 for more significant properties. 


Next, we have the amazingly chiselled Akoya Oxygen community. Upon completion, this area will be home to more than 10,000 villas. If you're interested in renting a villa sometime in the future, opting for the 2D and 3D formats will help you get more exposure to the layouts. 

The most attractive feature of this community is the prime focus on a greener lifestyle. Villas in Akoya Oxygen are surrounded by extended green parks, while the landscaped streets serve a laidback and family-oriented lifestyle. 

Yet, you must know that villas for rent in Akoya Oxygen are incredibly competitive, making it one of the top communities with cheaper villas in Dubai. The average rent for a 3-room villa stands at AED 51K, and it'll keep increasing on your space requirements. 


Lastly, we have a reputable JVC at your disposal. Despite being on the wealthy end, the community provides budget-friendly rental options for villas. Families prefer leading a peaceful life here because it offers excellent shared facilities and quick access to arterial highways. The presence of top-notch schools and malls nearby have also contributed to its popularity. The rent statement ranges from AED 101K to AED 124K, depending on your family. 

Final Statement:

It sums up our guide on the best areas for renting villas in Dubai. With plenty of fabulous options, the decision-making might be more accessible. However, renting a villa in Dubai is no joke as it requires occasional repairing and maintenance, which can be a costly affair. So, choose wisely. We suggest you identify your needs, set priorities, and visit every community beforehand, at least once.