Understanding Portable Metal Analyzer/Spectrometer

Jan 17


Rim Las

Rim Las

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A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step, and we have a belief in this. We are one of the younger organizations, which is collaborating with various businesses to distribute innovative products.



Our thirst for development quenches when we get new ideas for innovations. With a bird’s eye view, Understanding Portable Metal Analyzer/Spectrometer Articles we keep a check on our recent updates and innovation.

We are jubilant to announce that we are on the way to become the leading producers of the portable metal spectrometer!

  • Handheld LIBS Spectrometer

When it comes to handheld LIBS (Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectrum) Spectrometer, we are back to basics and have expanded ourselves by associating with technology innovator companies of India.

An early bird catches the worm, that’s why we have proposed a metal spectrometer that can be used for field and online spectrometer.

Though this spectrometer and X-Ray PMI are two sides of a coin, the LISB spectrometer is more accurate and gives more light elements. We have two classifications under this:

Portable LIBS Spectrometer LIS-01- it has been designed in a way so that it can be operated for input inspection of rolled metal products, ferrous metals, and alloys.

Product-ness: We assure high-speed and quality in determining chemical elements to prevent more consumption of time

Key features: not restricted to any particular metal base, versatile to perform for all kinds of metals

Online LIBS Spectrometer LIS-P- the inline laser analyzer monitors the composition of the solids. The industry that makes use of it:

  • Mining and metallurgical industry
  • Floatation and automatic sorting

Product-ness: ensure adequate and quality composition.

Key features: highly used in the mining industry and other metal-related industries.

  • Carbon Analysis Direct in Air, No Argon gas required

If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it! RiM LaS portable metal spectrometer spectrometers emit carbon value without making use of argon gas. We are the first one to display this kind of machine.

 From the initial stage, the portable spectrometer has been designed in a way not to harm the environment; therefore, the use of our machines results without argon gas.

We are a highly responsible company that does not leave the footprints of harmful gases after the successful completion of the work. The functional areas are Zinc, nickel, copper bases, which makes our services reachable to the world.

We make sure the use of cutting-edge technology so that the environment is not harmed by us. With our continuous efforts, we have been able to attain the position of an environmental-friendly company.

  • Fastest in the world, reading in one second.

In a short span, RiM LaS has set-off one of the leading distributors of products across the world. We are working in the direction of getting a hold of the industry of portable metal spectrometer with dedication.

Our priority in producing high-class products has given us an upper-hand as compared to our competitors. Our strength lies in our commitment to honesty and professionalism.

The area of concern is not only our clients but our employees as well that have made significant contributions to the development of the company. We ensure safety for our employees to work smoothly.

Before becoming a successful organization, it is better to become a responsible company because small steps are better than faster ones if you don’t want to fall.


A few words for clients

RiM LaS believe in maintaining a cordial relationship with the clients so that better communication can be constructed. Over the years, we have been able to achieve client satisfaction, which is valuable for us than lump-sum cheques.

Our service is based on a customer-centered approach that makes us flexible enough to serve as per the requirements of our customers. We aim to distribute only high-quality portable metal spectrometer.

Collaborate with us to make the best of your resources that can become the genesis of innovation.