Build Your Own Homemade Kayak Carts to Save Precious Money

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Kayaking is an exciting and energizing activity that can be enjoyed by anyone. However something a lot of people may find is that carrying a kayak around and getting it into the water is often hard, this is due to their awkward shape and their weight also doesn't help.

The answer to this common problem is to use a kayak cart,Guest Posting this allows kayak enthusiasts to easily and effortlessly transport their kayak from their car to the nearest beach or wherever else they may want to take it. Using a cart also means that you can load up any equipment you may have and transport that with ease too. What is also convenient is that many carts can be disassembled and stored on the kayak while it is being used.

A kayak cart is usually made up of a base that holds the axle and wheels in place and top bars that cradle the kayak. The size of the cart and wheels can vary depending on what size of kayak it is designed for.

Kayak carts are great pieces of equipment however the problem is buying a new kayak cart, such as a Paddleboy kayak cart, can cost you around $100; this may be money you do not want to blow on a kayak cart. The solution is to simply build one yourself which will save you from having to fork out the money for a new one. You can build a kayak cart as well or maybe even better than those you see for sale.

The great thing about building a homemade kayak cart is that you can choose the various parts of your cart to suit your kayak size and how you will use it best. For example if you are going to be using your homemade kayak cart on lots of different surfaces you may find that fitting your cart with air filled or foam filled tires would be more useful. Another example would be if you are going to be using your cart on a beach a lot you would not want to have a cart that is too low to the ground as it may catch on the sand.

To build your own kayak cart you do not need any specialist or expensive equipment, you also don't need any specialist know how. The materials you can use to make your homemade kayak cart are relatively cheap and easy to find in lots of stores. The main material a homemade kayak cart is made from is PVC tubing and as you can imagine this is relatively cheap to buy. The other main part of a homemade kayak cart is obviously the wheels and this may be the most expensive part, yet still in comparison to buying a cart you are saving plenty of money. You can find a good choice of wheels online for your cart and pick the wheels which are most suited to where you’re going to use your cart.

You can find many how to guides and resources online which will tell you everything you need to do to construct your homemade kayak cart. These guides also list all of the materials and tools you will need to construct your cart. YouTube can also be a useful resource when finding out how to construct your homemade kayak cart.

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