How a Strong Guarantee Closes More Sales

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Effectively and meaningfully differentiate yourself from your competitors with a strong guarantee.

Referrals,Guest Posting past experiences, and testimonials are just a few of the things that help people decide whether or not to do business with you. When these either do not exist or are not persuasive, your prospects may not buy from you because there is a perceived risk. This may be the fear of losing money, not being satisfied, or not getting what they paid for. A strong guarantee helps to overcome this.

Your guarantee helps people feel more at ease with the idea of doing business with you for the first time. It helps them rationalize the fact that they are taking a chance. Let's face it. If they really believed that they were going to have to use the guarantee, then they most likely wouldn't do business with you in the first place. But they like knowing that it's there if they need it.

Let me guess. You think that if you publicize a guarantee people will take advantage of it. Wrong. Studies show that only 1 - 2 % of people ask for guarantees to be enforced. And those people would have asked for compensation of some kind even if there was no expressed guarantee.

I'm sure you have given thought to what you would do in a case where a client wasn't completely satisfied. Whatever answer you developed is your guarantee. Until it is promoted, however, the only people who are going to know about it are those who aren't happy with something. It is much more effective to tell your prospects up front what your guarantee is.

An effective guarantee must satisfy two criteria. One is that your prospects and clients find it to be meaningful. If it is not meaningful to these groups, then it is useless. The other is that you are comfortable with it. With that said, it should be the strongest guarantee you can provide.

Promote your guarantee everywhere possible -- in brochures, on business cards, on web sites, in introductions. Give it a catchy, but appropriate name, such as the No Fine Print Guarantee, Your Money Back, No Questions Asked Guarantee, Our No B.S. Guarantee, the Iron-Clad Money-Back Guarantee, or the 100% No-hassle Refund. You may have even better ideas of your own.

Study guarantees that you consider to be strong and relevant. Use them as models for yours. Once you begin promoting it, you'll find yourself closing even more sales.

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