Warning: A Weak Guarantee Maybe Costing You Money!

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Warning: A Weak Guarantee May be Costing You Money
…5 reasons why a bold guarantee will get more sales.

You’re afraid to use a guarantee! No one else in your industry uses them. You’ll lose money. You just don’t want to make the customer mad and go through the hassle of returning money to an angry customer.

These fears are common. If you want your business to be more profitable,Guest Posting you need more than a guarantee, you need a bold guarantee. Use this article to overcome your fears and learn how a bold guarantee can be a powerful marketing tool.

Overcoming your fears

You say, “I don’t have a guarantee now”. This is not true. If a customer complaints about your product, you would try to fix the problem. Right? You would do what you could to make them happy. You are honoring a guarantee. You are just not publicizing your guarantee.

Look back over the last year. Ask yourself, “How many customers have complained about my product? How many of them have asked for their money back”? So if people have not been unhappy with your product now, why will they start rushing to get their money back with a bold guarantee?

Statistically only 1-2% of people ever use a guarantee. They just don’t want to be bothered. The pain must be severe enough for them to want to go through the effort.

Unless you offer a lousy product, or you’re marketing to the wrong group of people or you’ve a bad group of customers, you will now have many people use your bold guarantee.

Five reasons why a bold guarantee gets more sales

1. A bold guarantee can raise new profits by building trust. Why is this so? Business is a trust relationship. It takes time to establish trust.

As a business, when you ask for money, you are asking the customer to trust you. He is taking a risk. When you offer a bold guarantee, you are lessening or removing his risk. He now trusts you. He feels he will not be committing the cardinal sins of buying--making a mistake or looking bad in front of his friends.

2. A bold guarantee sets you apart. If your industry doesn’t use guarantees or uses only weak guarantees, your bold guarantee will set you apart. This is exactly what you want. How do you stand out in a crowded market place? A bold guarantee will accomplish this positioning.

Even the conservative auto industry has now gone to bold guarantees. Many auto dealers let you drive the car for a month. If it’s not for you, then you can bring it back. A bold guarantee is an absolute to make a sale on the internet. The guarantee bar has been raised!

3. A bold guarantee has power because you are giving power to your word. When a customer sees your guarantee, he realizes that you are committed to his success. You are not just taking his money and running. With a bold guarantee, you are making a commitment to the quality of your product and to his success using the product. This commitment creates customer loyalty and trust—they keys to long term success.

4. Bold guarantees improve your business performance. When you start adding guarantees and promising specific results for the customer, you are putting your business on the line. If you promise something and guarantee to live up to the promise, then your actual business performance will improve. You have raised your performance bar.

You win because the customer finds it easier to buy from you. They win because they get improved performance.

Your guarantee also gives the unhappy customer an outlet. Would you rather the customer talk to 10 others about his negative experience or come to you with what he dislikes so you can fix it? Your guarantee provides the outlet.

5. Statistics and research shows that when bold guarantees are added to your products, sales are improved. Research has found that a no-excuse, top-quality guarantee significantly reduces a customer’s perception of financial risk.

Customers know the difference between a real guarantee—made by a company that has no doubts about their offering and a fake guarantee being used as a trick to sell a product. Research shows some industries recognize a 40% increase in sales. (Meaningful Marketing-Doug Hall)


Overcome your fear and use a bold guarantee as a powerful marketing tool. It will energize your business. It will excite your customers. It will increase your sales.

This article shows why a bold guarantee is needed and what it will do for your business. If you want a step by step process for creating a bold guarantee that is unique to your business, click here for my free report, My Guarantee. I will send you a copy of an article that shows you exactly how to create a guarantee that will get you more customers—guaranteed!

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