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C Krishniah Chetty Jewellers, is located at Malleswaram, is undoubtedly India’s finest and oldest jewellery store. It is newest venture of the 145 year old C Krishniah Chetty family who gained fame with their unique designs. Several generations of family, the fourth, fifth & the sixth generation of the family began an adventure journey of innovative jewellery. They believe in Innovative services, Innovative design with an Innovative new team. They give their clients the fresh perspective of precious fine gems and jewellery.

This iconic Bengaluru family was the jewelers of British gentry,Guest Posting the Nizam of Hyderabad, and several other kingdoms of South and Central India. They now bring you the newest designs of ethnic jewellery keeping in mind the latest trends.

They have a history of serving largest client base of the impressive Iyengar, the demure Konkani, the laid back Kannadiga. With their new store it will have its own mark with its unique inimitable style.

Visit them for the all new ambience of fine colour, metals and jewellery in the finest diamonds, and finest pearls.

They are currently located on the relatively calmer Margosa Road. The road has gained the name from Margosa flower. The store is inspired by the flowers of Margosa and wonderful neem. It also projects the philosophy and the laid back, unhurried shopping philosophy for the keen connoisseur of fine jewellery collections.

Their latest venture is the same, yet not the same, as the rest of the fine, equally iconic, stores of the C Krishniah Chetty Group. This new store will keep policy of its founders intact. Cotha Krishniah Chetty, Cotha Audinarayana Chetty, Cotha Venkatachalapathy Chetty, and their direct descendants Cotha Hayagriv, Cotha Vinod Hayagriv, Cotha Triveni Vinod who over the last six decades and more, painstakingly designed, showcased brilliant craftsmanship and executed award winning shopping environments. Recently the two promising young and dynamic Sixth Generation members of Chaitanya V Cotha and Shreyas V Cotha, have joined the team, making it a young and vibrant team. Their immediate team is cool and as the average age of the enthusiastic team is only 29 years. At Touchstone West, they promise you complete fulfillment and innovative jewellery.

With the recent launch of their e-commerce website they are making an effort to reach millions of households with their innovative yet traditional jewellery. They have a huge collection of gold, diamond, platinum and silver jewellery along with gemstone jewellery.  


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