Latest Wedding Ring Styles

Feb 22


Donnell Dean

Donnell Dean

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Another wedding season, another style season to look out for! Wedding season brings about an array of new trends in couture clothing as well as jewelry.


Wedding ring styles are especially an exciting part of any new style season. When it comes to wedding rings,Latest Wedding Ring Styles Articles we have the classics and then we have the latest trends from the season. Women who like to play it safe opt for the standard 6mm gold wedding band while women who like to go adventurous explore new styles. Let us check out the latest wedding ring styles for women that go beyond the typical 6mm wedding band.

Yellow Gold Wedding Bands

Wedding bands made of yellow gold are gaining more and more admirers. Diamond rings with yellow gold bands are the perfect fusion of bling with a mature look. Many celebrities are opting for yellow gold wedding bands in place of the regular gold bands. The yellow gold gives a vintage vibe and thus, ages well in the style department. Similar to the 6mm gold wedding band, a yellow gold band is also generally in the 6-8 mm size category.

Stacked Wedding Rings

This is perhaps the most popular trend of the year and rightly so! Stacked rings are not only limited to wedding rings. Many women have made it their regular style statement. For those not aware, women are now leaning towards a set of 2 or 3 rings that are stacked together to form a unique ring wearing style. The rings complement and accentuate the designs of each other. These rings are available in all the popular styles like diamonds and rose gold. Instead of a 6mm wedding band, women opt for two 3 mm wedding band sets.

Eternity Wedding Bands

If you are a person who likes a lot of sparkles, eternity wedding bands are for you! These are bands completely covered with diamonds or other gemstones. Thus, it sparkles from every angle and is sure to catch everyone’s attention. However, owing to its unique design, it is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you are someone who likes to stand out, this style may be the right fit for you. You could pick a diamond-based eternity band or you could opt for a flamboyant design with a combination of different gemstones.

Delicate Solitaires

This style is perfect for women who like to keep the look delicate and rich at the same time. Women are gravitating towards solitaires perched on thin, delicate bands. The bands often have minimal designs so that the solitaire remains the main element of the design. Similar to the eternity bands, this style has limited takers as it is delicate and not something designed for everyday use.

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