Say Goodbye to Long Supermarket Queues: 5 Indian Grocery Delivery Services

Oct 25


Malaika yasir

Malaika yasir

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Immerse yourself in the world of desi flavors through the tastes and aromas of authentic Indian groceries right in the heart of Manhattan.


Explore the world of Indian flavors on a culinary journey through the rich tapestry of Indian Grocery New York


The Indian food culture in Manhattan reflects the diverse Indian diaspora,Say Goodbye to Long Supermarket Queues: 5 Indian Grocery Delivery Services Articles catering to the growing popularity of Indian cuisine among locals and visitors. With an ever-increasing Indian population, the USA can see ethnic stores cater to the rising demand for authentic Indian grocery New York products that taste like home.  


From essential spices and lentils to fresh produce and halal meats, these top online grocery stores in Manhattan, NY, are your go-to destinations for all your Indian culinary needs. Here, I have scouted a list of the top 5 Indian grocery stores offering delivery services in Manhattan:


1. Quicklly - Your One-Stop Spot for Authentic Indian Groceries


Quicklly, the nation's largest online Indian food and grocery marketplace delivers a wide range of authentic Indian groceries to your doorstep. They offer traditional pantry essentials, dairy products, frozen foods, breakfast items, and more. 


Quicklly boasts a selection of 250,000 Indian products, making it a favorite among home chefs and Indian food enthusiasts. They've partnered with various online grocery stores, including D Mart Supermarket and Apna Bazar Cash and Carry, to ensure you can access high-quality Indian grocery products. 


  1. Prompt Delivery: They promise to get your orders to you within 60 minutes.
  2. Affordable Prices: You won't find better deals for such quality products.
  3. Amazing Offers: They're generous with coupons and discounts, and every order gets free delivery.
  4. Extensive Grocery Selection: Quicklly offers over 100,000 products from top Indian brands. From spices, lentils, cooking oil, frozen food, Halal meat, Indian sweets online, and more. 
  5. Safe Packaging: Your order arrives in the best condition and fresh! Thanks to their airtight packaging.
  6. Authentic Brands: Quicklly features trusted names like Amul, Haldiram's, Britannia, Nestle, Aashirwaad, Parle, and many more.
  7. Select Your Frequency: You can prepare your weekly, monthly, or biweekly grocery box that can be set for deliveries per your plan.
  8. Coupons & Offers: Unlock extra discounts on big purchases with free nationwide delivery. Use Code 'QUICKOFF' to get $20 off on $50. 
  9. Free Delivery: Quicklly offers free delivery nationwide with a minimum order value of $30. 


2. D Mart Supermarket


D Mart Supermarket, located in Jackson Heights, Queens, is a prominent Indian grocery store chain known for its extensive range of Indian products. 


They offer everything from aromatic spices and grains to frozen foods and snacks. While their delivery services to Indian grocery New York may vary, you can explore their options and enjoy the convenience of shopping from home through Quicklly.


3. Apna Bazar Cash and Carry


Apna Bazar Cash and Carry is a well-established Indian grocery store chain with multiple locations in the New York City area. They provide many Indian food products, fresh produce, spices, snacks, and household items. 


Apna Bazar is committed to competitive pricing and quality, making it a popular choice among Indian shoppers. Visit Quicklly's website or mobile app to explore their delivery services to Manhattan.


4. Minar Halal Meat and Grocery


Minar Halal Meat and Grocery is an excellent choice for those searching for halal meats and a wide range of Indian groceries. They specialize in high-quality halal meats, including chicken, lamb, goat, and beef, and offer a variety of Indian spices, lentils, rice, snacks, and other grocery items. You can order fresh Halal meats through Quicklly's website or mobile app with zero shipping charges.


5. Bangladesh Fish Market and Halal Meat


If you love seafood or need halal meats, Bangladesh Fish Market and Halal Meat is your destination. This store provides fresh fish, seafood, and halal meats, along with a selection of Indian and Bangladeshi halal meat grocery products. 


Partnered with Quicklly, they deliver authentic Indian products nationwide. No matter where you are in the US, you can shop online to have your products delivered through Quicklly's website or mobile app.


As the demand for Indian food and ingredients continues to grow, these stores offer convenient access to quality Indian groceries online without the need to visit physical stores. Whether you're an experienced chef or new to Indian cuisine, these stores cater to various culinary needs.