TeleSeminar Essentials - Start Strong

Jan 26


BIG Mike

BIG Mike

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Listen to others do TeleSeminars so you know what NOT to do


When you start your TeleSeminar,TeleSeminar Essentials - Start Strong Articles especially if it is a free one, you have only seconds to grab 'em and cuff 'em so they stay till youlet 'em lose. Those first few seconds are the make or break of every TeleSeminar. Listen to as many TeleSeminars as you can find. Search for the good ones and you will find the good ones start strong. Is this a strong start? (an actual quote) "ahh, well let’s wait a bit for everyone to come on the line, ahh, heh heh..." You must say something that gets to them right out of the gate. "In the next 60 minutes, you are going to hear about the ten things your car dealer doesn't want you to know!" If I was on the fence, an open like that would get me to listen. Work out your a socko headline to use when you open your show. Put it on a card, in its entirety, and say it over and over until you are not reading it. The card will serve as a reminder and keep you on track, but since it is just a headline and you have practiced it, when you say it, it won't come out like you are reading a card. The card onlt serves to kick start your memory into saying what you have been reading and sayong outloud all week. However, reading the card word for word and trying NOT to sound like you are reading is almost impossible. Do your TeleSeminar with an outline of the bullet points you want to cover. Write s sentence for each point and read them outloud all week. Go into your TeleSeminar with only the bullet points on the car and you will be fine A winning TeleSeminar is more than just picking up the phone.

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