The History of the Bow Tie

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The use of the bow tie dates back to the 17th century when men would use a cloth around their neck intended to keep the collar of their shirts from coming apart and showing the neck.

 Since this was mainly the practice of men from the upper class,Guest Posting wearing a bow tie became associated with the rich and powerful and thus became a status symbol. As the bow tie evolved, different materials were used to create bowties and people began having them created to fit the specific size of their necks. This was the beginning of bow ties in different sizes and lengths.

As time went on wearing a bow tie became linked to certain professions such as doctors, lawyers and other businessmen. It was said that during the early 19th Century that men in these professions wore their bowties simply because they could not get in the way when they were working the same way as other neckties did. While the bow tie was a great option when working, men during this time found bow ties to be a difficult and time consuming to tie. They did agree that a long necktie was much more convenient than a bowtie in terms of tying them and making them look perfect.

Even at the beginning of the 20th Century, bowties continued to be linked to status and prestige but this time in terms of formal wear. During this time, professionals began to move away from the daily use of the bowtie to neckties and the bow tie became an item of clothing that was only worn at formal events. Traditionally when a person wore a tuxedo he wore a bow tie as well. When a man did wear a bow tie at a formal event it was black or white. Men rarely wore bowties of different colors when attending a formal event in a tuxedo.

Today, men are stepping outside of the box a lot more and are choosing to wear ties of a variety of colours and patterns. Gone are the days of the bow tie only being worn at formal events. Today you may see a person wearing a tie with a shirt and a pair of jeans. It is all about a person’s own style of personality.

There are many types and style of bow ties on the market today. People are looking for ease and comfort and more people are opting for the ready-made bow. This means that they do not have to spend hours trying to create the bow. Instead the bow is already made and they simply fasten the tie with the use of clip. These ready-made ties can are made to fit a wide range of neck sizes and can be adjusted to make them larger or smaller. If you are choosing to tie your own bow tie then you will find them in two styles, the bat wing and the thistle. These shapes have been created to help with the tying and perfecting the bow.  

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