Selecting The Right Tie Is Crucial To Dress Success

Oct 10


Graham Bowall

Graham Bowall

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It is a common misconception that choosing a tie to match the rest of your clothes is an easy decision given the wide variety of colors and designs to choose from. This article will guide you as to how to do it properly and make the right statement.

Picking out a proper neck tie is a real art. It is also a loved accessory by men and it conveys their personality to other people. The ties for men are available in a variety of different colors and designs and also different materials are used in making them.

If men want to go for a traditional look then they can go for a bow tie by selecting the best one that fits the occasion perfectly. But when you are making the selection of a bow tie you should select such a color which suits the occasion i.e. you can select black for the formal occasion and can select pink or some similar color for informal wear. Bow ties are made from materials like velvet,Selecting The Right Tie Is Crucial To Dress Success Articles silk and polyester. But the bow tie made of velvet and silk has a good look compared to the polyester bow tie. For formal occasions black color bow ties are appropriate and for less formal occasions you can choose pink or a tie with polka dots.

It is true to say that a man’s formal look is not right if he is not wearing a tie. Mens ties are highly visible by others are one of the first things that are noticed when walking into a room. If a tie is chosen correctly it will draw attention to the rest of his clothes and make him stand out in a crowd. It is therefore essential that you make the right choice of tie to match your skin tone and the clothes that you are wearing. It can be really embarrassing if you choose a tie that does not match the rest of your attire and some people will talk about you behind your back and laugh at your lack of dress sense which you want to avoid at all costs. The coordination of your tie with your dress shirt and suit is really important and you have to give consideration to the other clothes that you own as you may want to wear the tie with other suits and shirts.

Tie colors are very much a personal choice. Having said that it is no good just choosing any color and you need to give consideration to other factors before making your final choice of color. It really comes down to a straight choice of a tie that is complimentary to your other clothes or contrasting to them. A light colored tie will contrast well with a dark colored shirt and  the reverse is true by choosing a dark colored tie to contrast well with a light colored shirt.  It is possible to select a tie that is the same color as your shirt but this is not always easy as one needs to be a slightly darker color than the other.  This is often easily solved by buying a ready matched tie and shirt pairing from your clothing store or outfitters. When attending some really formal functions it is not uncommon for them to have strict rules about ties so you need to find out about this before you make your choice of tie.

A lot of men like to choose patterned ties but care must be taken with this. If your shirt has a pattern design or even your suit then it is a good idea to wear a solid colored tie to match with this. Matching a pattern with another pattern is extremely difficult to get right and it can end up looking awful. While matched pattern shirt and tie combination's are available they can look strange so just go for a solid color neck tie. Have fun searching for a great bow tie or ordinary neck tie.