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In this article I shall highlight a few tips on how to sell effectively. One must understand that the art of salesmanship is not something you can aquire overnight and even though my methods have always worked for me, it does not mean that you should take them by the letter. In this topic, we shall be looking at obtaining an account with corporate businesses, rather than off the counter sales

Having said all that,Guest Posting selling is fun. The adventure of convincing your potential client to buy your product is exhilarating.

Firstly, you should research your potential customer "THE MARK". Research is dependant on the importance of the account you wish to obtain.

I start off my research a couple of days before contacting the potential client. The internet is a fantastic too for this.

Search the company, their address, their website and get fully acquainted with their services.

If you have access to the company registry, try to get hold of the share holder’s names and other involved parties. Also, if you manage to obtain information on their share capital you would have an idea on how strong the company is. Search the individual share holders and the involved parties and holding companies.

Some times the results that come up on the internet are amazing. Once, I was trying to obtain an account from a large firm. I knew it was difficult to get through to them, but from the research I did, I managed to get valuable information on the Managing Director of the company who potentially would be the person I would be speaking to. I found out from a blog that he was into Golfing. He was a member of a prominent golf club and that was important information for me. I read as many articles and news item on the subject which prepared me for the battle. On the day of the meeting, We discussed Golfing for around an hour (to break the ice) the client was relaxed and that made it possible for me to introduce our services. I not only got the account, but I also got the account for the Golf Club. Two clients in one meeting.

Once you get to know your potential client. Call for a meeting. Try to speak to the person who can take the decision  on whether to give you the business or not. Do not waste your time with people who have to refer to someone else for a decision, they might not be able to forward the message correctly. Do not give up trying. If you do not get through on the first day, then try again the following day. The only thing that could stop you is, if they tell you that they are not interested. In that case, try again in a couple of months. You might be surprised how situations change over time.

Great, so you managed to get a meeting. This is where the fun starts.

Dress up neatly, wear a suite if possible. You have to portray an image of a professional, even if what you are selling is not of that level, you have to stand out.

Make sure you go to the meeting on time. On time means, be there 30 minutes before. You need that contingency.

The time you spend waiting is necessary, look around. If you are waiting in the reception, see who comes in and out. Over hear conversations. Build a profile.

If your meeting is held in the office of your client, then you can obtain more information. Look around for clues, such as file titles (this give you a better view of the company). Look for Photos. If the person you are meeting has children or a family picture or a picture of a favorite car.

Shake hands – Make sure your hand shake is firm and assertive.

Think before you speak – Vocalize your words slowly and clearly.

Do not jump into the selling part at the beginning of the meeting. Try to discuss something you have in common (like the golfing case).

If the client is crossing his/her hands, than try to get their attention by asking them something about their company eg. “well done, you have a great office. Have you been here for long.” or “ that is a great picture you have there. Is it the new Ferrari”. Just go at a sudden tangent to get their minds off their day dreams.

Do not discuss politics unless they start the conversation. Whatever your political views are do not share them, try to be as objective as possible. Same goes for religion.

Once your client is relaxed, then introduce you service or product. Do not hard sell. Be patient. Explain clearly what you are trying to sell and explain why your service or product is ideal for them.

Do not criticize your competition. If the client compares, just reply in a positive manner “yes, they are a good company and our service/product is on their same lines. However, we feel that we can provide you with much better after sales/ support since we are 100% focused on our clients. We believe that we can assist each other in providing a more complete solution which can benefit both of us” Practically what you said there is that you are more passionate about your product/service than you competition and that you are open to suggestions.

Once the meeting is over, thank them and ask them what the next step is. Shake hands once again and leave.

Once back at your office, write a letter thanking them for the meeting and explaining once again why your services are important to them.

If they do not get in touch with you after some time, call them once again to see what the situation is.

In my next article I will be writing about customer relations and complaint handling.

Enjoy your selling! -

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