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The necktie is a valuable accessory that every man should have as part of their wardrobe and it is important that every man have a collection of solid silk ties.

There are many different patterns found in silk ties but every man must have a small number of solid silk ties. Solid silk ties can be used on a daily basis and can be paired with almost any colour of shirt or jacket. In fact black solid silk ties are beginning to replace the bow tie as an accessory worn at forma events.  Some men find it hard to find the perfect solid silk tie and often end up purchasing a tie that does not suit them at all no matter what it is paired with. Outlined below are some things that men should keep in mind when looking for solid silk neckties.

1.       Always purchase solid silk neck ties in the standard colors that can be paired with anything. For example,Guest Posting each man should have a black, red, navy and burgundy silk neck tie in their collection. If possible you might even want to buy several shades of each color when buying solid silk ties. If you do have a great deal of money to spend on solid silk neckwear then you should avoid buying silk ties with tiny patterns on them. If you are not familiar with ties then you may be convinced that a patterned tie can be worn as a solid silk necktie and this simply isn’t the case.

2.       There are many variations of silk neckties on the market today and the line of work you are in should determine the solid silk neckties that you purchase. If you are a businessman you should opt for a solid silk necktie that is made of one hundred percent purse silk. This material is the most expensive material for a solid silk tie but you can feel assured that you are getting what your pay for. If this is not an option for you then there is the option of buying solid silk neck ties that are only part silk. Unless inspected no one will ever know the difference as it will still give the appearance of silk.

3.       When buying solid neck ties you should consider your personality and complexion as both with affect how you wear the tie and how it will look on you. Solid silk neckwear is being made in a multitude of colors these days and people have a large amount of options when it comes to choosing colours in solid silk ties. If you are a person that is vibrant and outgoing then you should choose colors for your ties that match this as well. If you are the complete opposite and are shy and keep to yourself then you may need to choose earth tones and subtle pastels rather than bright colors. The colour of the tie that you select should also be determined by where you will be wearing the tie.

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