Types of Neck Ties on the Market

Apr 4




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There are hundreds of different types of neck ties on the market today making it hard for a person to know which is best and what to buy.


 Traditionally neck ties were made out the same material and came in a limited amount of colours. Today,Types of Neck Ties on the Market Articles however, the designers of neck ties are trying to create neck ties that people will want to buy over any other kind of neck tie. If you are a man that wants to make a statement with his neck tie then finding the perfect tie is very important. Adding an outstanding tie to your shirt or sports jacket can make the jacket, shirt and the person look even better. But what types of neck ties can do this? How does one know what to buy or even what the different types of neck ties are?

 Durable Ties

·         The most durable material used in a neck tie is polyester. There are variations of the polyester on the market today to make it a more favoured choice amongst men. You can now buy ties that are satin polyester and woven polyester. The satin polyester gives the neck tie a similar appearance to silk but does not cost as much. The satin neck tie is smooth and shiny but will still be made from a thicker material making it a tie that can be worn and washed each day without ruining the tie. It is designed to stand up to a great deal of wear and tear. The only problem that some men have with these durable materials is that they do not tie nicely; the knot of the tie is always rather large compared to other materials such as silk.

Silk Ties

·         This is the most desired material for ties. It can be worn with a nice shirt or jacket at any occasion and it can really make a person stand out. The silk material allows the tie to be thin and it is easier for tying because it produces a nice tight knot. A neck tie made from silk can be woven which makes the tie slightly thicker but not as thick as the polyester material. The silk neck tie tends to be the most expensive material used and people can expect to pay more for this type of neck tie.


·         Throughout history men have been wearing ties that have prints or patterns on them. Today we are seeing the creation of bolder prints and patterns that make the tie stand out and men are loving the new style of the neck tie. A printed or patterned tie combined with a smart shirt or jacket can give a man the edge he needs to stand out in a large crowd. The patterns or prints on the neck tie can be small and almost unnoticeable from a distance, or it can be large so that it stands out against a shirt. These ties are great for people who are looking for something a little different and something that takes them away from the ordinary plain coloured neck tie.