Unique Selling Propositions - The -One Revolutionary Word- Technique

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Sooner or later, everyone who starts an online business based on affiliate marketing, will realize that, either he is promoting his own products, either he is advertising other products as affiliate, he will need his own website and his own sales pages.

And,Guest Posting once arrived here, he will need a unique selling proposition able to transform the visitors into buyers. Graphics have also a major importance in a sales page, but finally, the words will sell the product. Here are few of the most efficient methods of selling stuff on the Internet:

* One effective strategy is telling to the prospects that all the benefits of the promoted product can be synthesized in one single word. Of course, considering the niche market, the advertiser must find that word that could persuade the prospects to purchase the product. Words like "efficiency", "revolutionary", usually, make good impression.

* When trying to find affiliates for a product, the advertiser is telling to the prospects that his current affiliates have already sold a high number of copies of the promoted product. Usually, when the prospects see that the promoted product was bought for lot of people, they think that it sells well.

* Another tricky strategy when selling packages is telling to the prospects that the advertiser spent years and money to buy the promoted products, but they won't have to pass through this process, because the advertiser had combined all the products in one package and for a low price. He will notify that the prospects will save time, money and many hours of research purchasing the package.

* One method is telling to the prospects the exact goals which the advertiser had thought when developing the product. He will highlight the fact that his concern was to make the product affordable and able to fulfil the desire benefit of the prospects.

* Another technique is telling to the prospects that the promoted product is designed to replace their older and outdated products. The advertiser will specify the qualities of the new product, (faster, easier, more efficient, etc.), in order to give to the prospects a reason to purchase it.

* One strategy is explaining to the prospects why the promoted product is so cheap. Sometimes people think that the price is direct proportional with the value of the product. The advertiser will give them some good reasons for that, and, of course, the best explanation is that for delivering digital products on the Internet, the costs of shipping, mailing or storage are zero.

* Another tricky technique is telling to the prospects that people who purchased the promoted product were also interested in some other products that the advertiser is promoting at that moment. This allows him to make some back-end sales after the prospects have purchased one product.

* One efficient method is telling to the prospects that they can have a discount for the promoted product if they have bought something in the past from the advertiser. This method, generally, increase the loyalty of the customers, when done frequently and they get use with it.

* A brave technique is inviting the prospects to visit the competition's sites, proving this way that the advertiser is not scared by his competitors. Usually, the prospects will assume that the promoted product is better since the advertiser asks them to check and the competition's products.

* One efficient strategy is telling to the prospects that they can set up a private phone call with the advertiser. Generally, people like more to deal with a real person, and a direct contact where they can deliver their personal message would increase their confidence in the advertiser, implicit in the promoted product.

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