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The key of a successful online business is the traffic you can drive to that business. No matter how good is your product or service and how many benefits can bring to someone, if nobody see your sales page, you are wasting your time. The way you can show to the whole world your business is the website promotion.

Website promotion makes you get noticed on the Internet. Your survival as e-business owner depends all upon the visitors your website is getting. Setting up a website and launching it online does not mean that every web surfer will come and see what's all about. There are few tasks that you must accomplish in order to have visitors to your website. The main task is the search engine optimization. The keywords and the description of your website will determine the search engines to send you those visitors interested in your product that are using as search term your keyword.

On the second place comes the advertising. To attract visitors to your website you may use paid advertising,Guest Posting such as Adwords campaigns, or free advertising. As free advertising opportunities you have, among others, blogging, free classifieds ads and article marketing. The article marketing is considered by the search engine optimization experts as the most powerful tool of the marketing tactics.

Before the aparition of the Internet Marketing, the article marketing was used by business owners as an advertising method in newspapers, commonly in the local ones. Due to the wide availability of the Internet, today the article marketing allows you to reach almost everywhere in the world, giving you a huge opportunity to promote your business.

There are several benefits of the article marketing. When you are building a website you are limited to a number of keywords related to your business. You can not stuff your website with keywords, otherwise you will be penalized by the search engines. But you have not the same problem with the article marketing. You can write an article for each keyword you want to use and publish it with a link back to your website in the resource box, and you are ensured that your business is advertised for that keyword.

The most profitable source of traffic for an online business is the free targeted traffic. A high page rank is a guarantee that you will receive free traffic from the search engines. In order to rank high in the search engines you must have proper meta tags, a good keyword placement in the content of the page and many back links to your website, preferably one way links. A common method is the submission to website directories, prefferably to the ones with high page rank themselves. But most of these directories require a payment for submission.

Again, the article marketing is the best solution for your back links. By submitting your articles to popular article directories, such as, you ensure quality back links for your website. More than this, many webmasters looking for content for their websites are publishing articles from these articles directories on their websites. Your benefit is double in this case, because you gain a back link to your website and you increase the exposure of your business. The traffic generated by the article marketing will be free traffic, and in the mean time will be targeted traffic, because your articles will be read by people interested in the theme of your articles, which is the theme of your business.

You will say now that not everyone has writer skills, and you are right. An article must have a strong headline and good content in order to bring you all the above benefits. Well, visit my site and see for yourself how I am doing this.

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