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Do you have a sales strategy plan? If you do not have a clear plan of what it is you want to accomplish and how you're going to accomplish it, chances are you won't reach all your sales goals.

Do you have a sales strategy plan for growing your business and bringing in more sales?

The dictionary’s definition of a “strategy” is a plan of action intended to accomplish a specific goal; a method of making,Guest Posting doing, or accomplishing something.

Your sales strategy plan is a very clear statement of what your business has to do for you to achieve your sales goals. The wonderful thing about having a plan is it gives you a sense of control over the direction of change in your life.

Now, the type of plan I’m talking about is a plan for growing your sales and clients. If you’re serious about doubling your sales and bringing in tons more clients, you have to know how you’re going to do it.

The key is to plan, envision, and articulate what you want, and write it down. If you don’t put it into existence, you don’t own it.

Sadly, most people spend little or no time working on their sales strategy plan. Without a clear plan of what it is you want to accomplish and how you’re going to accomplish it, chances are you won’t reach all your goals.

I recently spoke to a business owner who was struggling closing sales. When I asked her how she sold her services, she said by calling people she knew. She thought if she just reached more people, she’d get more appointments, and make more money.

I asked her what else she’s doing to market her business? She said, “I’m planning to network; however, things keep getting in the way. And, I hope to create my website shortly.” Yes, it’s easy to be distracted by other things when there is no plan to follow.

Let me share with you the process I followed to create a sales strategy plan for my client, Judy, and the results that followed:

The SituationJudy is the owner of a tile and stone company. Judy dreamt of producing a website and creating a brochure; however, without clear steps to follow, she easily became distracted by the daily details of her business. Her dream looked like it was going to remain a dream.

Judy came to me because she lacked focus and direction. Without clarity and a clear sense of how to increase her sales, she was confused and overwhelmed with the responsibility of owning a business. She clearly was not running her business; her business was running her.

The ProcessEarly on, I had Judy create 3 specific and vivid goals she wanted to achieve in the first 3 months. With each goal she listed the action steps to take and a due date for each step. We divided the goals into business, sales, and marketing categories.

Before Judy got into action, I had her make a list of all the barriers she had that were keeping her from reaching her goals. She saw that she had some fears that were in the way of her moving forward. These same fears were also stopping her in other areas of her life as well. I worked closely with Judy to get to the source of her fears so she was freed up and confident to go forward. Judy was getting more and more excited!

The ResultsJudy now had a clear vision of what she wanted her business to look like. With her renewed energy, she was more productive and in action, and the results happened almost immediately. Her dreams had become real. She produced a beautiful brochure to give to her customers, created a website that professionally showcased her company, and designed a new logo.  With the new company image, sales increased by 60%! Judy is now running her business; her business is no longer running her.

A clear and concise sales strategy plan provided Judy with a step-by-step process that gave her clarity and direction. She quickly started closing more sales, signing on more clients, and making more money.

With her own sales strategy plan, she mapped a clear pathway to reaching all her dreams and goals.

Now that you know the steps to creating a Sales Strategy Plan, you may want some help putting it all together. If you’re interested in creating a Plan that will change the way you've been selling and dramatically increase your sales, your first step is to sign up for a 45-Minute Sales Breakthrough Strategy Session with me. I’ve created a simple step-by-step plan that will have you producing amazing results in your business quickly and easily. To learn more, visithttp://www.salesbreakthroughs.com/products/strategy_session.htm

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