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In  ‘Science Today’ magazine a report says that in the year 1966 Canada's Toronto University’s microbiologists had counted the number of sea lion fish in the Luxdon Lake as being above 4000 yet merely 1 year later not one of these remained alive despite the fact that no indolence was shown in rendering them well protected. When doubts arose, these lake waters were scientifically tested and it was found that this water was very acidic.

The law of every action has an equal and opposite reaction (Newton’s 3rd law of motion) is not challengeable. It can be noted and experienced just about everywhere. Those seeds of principles that are sown in nature’s womb accordingly results too shall emerge. It is this wondrous specialty of nature that the more it is given anything it returns in manifold measure. Only a few seeds are sown in soil which on sprouting and maturing returns in an infinite measure. While keeping its original specialty unending seeds from the measure standpoint very much akin to themselves return accompanied by a gigantic clan of itself. The seeds could be of mango or those of intoxicant materials like hemp etc full of toxicity,Guest Posting the above law applies to all equally. While returning things nature does not measure it like a shop keeper selling goods, instead it oozes with generosity. In rendering many from one or from limited to unlimited its potential is incomparable. But this specialty is conjoined in a mandatory manner wherein as per the type of seed sown the results too shall emerge as per that special quality of the seed.

In ancient eras this fact was kept in mind properly wherein all creature groups of nature get innumerable boons from it. Lest it is not kept healthy and balanced untold hazards shall have to be endured by us all. It is hence that in ancient Rishi era times every household performed Yajna fire sacrifices so as to render nature balanced aptly and sacredly purified. Daily due to life’s various chores dirt keeps mixing with the environment and thus via Yajnas this dirt was warded off. During festivals, public programs etc congregational gigantic Yajnas were executed so that toxicity in the atmosphere is nullified. As a result nature’s cycle strengthens optimally. Thus in a reactionary manner whatever one got from nature would in those times prove greatly beneficial for world humanity. At that time from subtle space a rainfall of energized pouring was noted wherein in untold measure life sustaining Prana Energy oozed. Trees, plants, creatures etc by ‘drinking’ this energy remained sound in health and disease free both physically and mentally. This Yajna tradition somehow disappeared that purified nature and nourished it well. Due to lack of farsighted vision that blindly urged man to pursue heavy industrialization unlimited toxicity started filling up the environment. Thus nature’s cycle turned haywire. The state of it has today become very terribly fearful. Nature is spewing that venom in the form of poisonous rain water. In the chain of natural calamities a most serious ring has joined and that is of acid rainfall. Innumerable research data based conclusions opine that the measure of acid in rain water is increasing speedily. When nature that pours down rain starts pouring down acid one can easily imagine what hazards shall crop up due to this.

The ph of pure clean water (ionization of hydrogen) is 7. When this ph decreases acidity increases in water. When ph increases it means alkaline principles have increased in tandem. The common ph of rain water is generally 5.07. Such rain water proves useful and nourishing for crop and creatures’ growth. When in rain water ph levels decrease it means in it polluted elements in more or less measure are present. Such conclusions from various research works have come to light that in various regions of earth acid rainfall is being noted which is but the reaction of man polluting the environment.

In acid rains sulfuric and nitric acid predominate most. These are but creations of steam particles of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emitted by industrial production. These mix with rain water and pour down as acid.

In the ‘Science Today’ magazine a published report says that in the year 1966 Canada based Toronto University’s microbiologists had counted the number of sea lion fish in the Luxdon Lake as being above 4000 yet merely 1 year later not one of these remained alive despite the fact that no indolence was shown in rendering them well protected and nourished. When doubts arose, these lake waters were scientifically tested and thus it was found that this water was highly acidic. In a span of 1 decade between the years 1961-1971, acidity there increased by 150 times. On this basis rain water was tested. Scientists were mind boggled to note that in this rain water also the ph levels were the same as that found in lake water. Thus this lake was proclaimed as highly polluted.

According to a study conducted in Canada amongst the 250,000 lakes in Ontario area about 50,000 have become badly polluted due to acid rainfall. Majority of these can be called ‘dead’. In studies done in North East America also acid rainfall has been reported. It has been inferred that 60% of nitrogen oxide is emitted by automobiles, 10% from bio fuel plants and 30% from other industries. The cause of about 30% of total acid rainfall is production by industries in North East America. The remaining 70% is due to sulfuric acid which is a creation from melting of sulfide metals, purification of other metals and thermal power plants that use bio fuels. Each year in USA about 28,000,000 ton sulfur dioxide is thrown into the atmosphere that via steam water by inducing a reaction in solar rays’ induction gets converted to sulfuric and nitric acid. Thus they become cause of acid rainfall. In so many regions of North America due to acid rainfall so many rivers and lakes have become poisonous. Thus water based creatures are getting destroyed in hordes.

At a distance of 400 km from Toronto-Canada one can find a naturally beautiful spot. This region is the chief producer of nickel in the world. Over here in ore form one can find iron, copper and nickel sulfide which on being burnt a cloud of sulfur dioxide covers the sky continuously. As a result rainfall there predominates with acid content. Further because of this acidity soil fertility is losing its richness day by day. Due to acid and hard metals the soil there has become toxic. Over here each day 2500 ton sulfur dioxide gets emitted into air. Experts conducting research there opine that in future days rainfall witnessed there shall be so full of acidity that the very life of trees, plants and other living beings shall be perilously at stake.

On a mountain top in North Vermont rests a lush green forest called Camel Hummel. About 20 years back red hued spruce trees and beautiful deodar trees of a height more than 100 feet were seen growing there. Amongst these some of them had a life span of more than hundred years. But today majority of these trees have died and those who are yet alive shall soon get destroyed. Today this area appears bare and lonely. The same holds true for so many regions of West Germany and USA too. In Central Europe about 2,100,000 to 5,000,000 acre forest land have got destroyed. What is noteworthy is that this destruction is not so much due to cutting up trees but that it is due to acid rainfall there. This is now drawing our attention to many possible hazards that can emerge in future. The above facts were unveiled a botanist-Prof Herbert W Bogelman attached to the University of Vermont-Canada.

As per a survey report due to smoke emitted by oil refineries newly established in Mathura-India a serious threat started looming large for beauty of Agra’s Taj Mahal. Scientists carrying out studies in this region opine that due to pollution emitted by these oil refineries, in future days to come in all areas nearby the possibility of acid rain falling is quite high.

Varied perilous possibilities are conjoined to acid rain fall. If nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide and sulfate oils present in acid rains are breathed in for a long time span many lung related diseases can crop up like emphysema, asthma etc. In the year 1951 in a fog clouding London city proof of this was directly witnessed. Due to its dire effect, within 2 days itself 5000 people died. Due to par taking of acid rain many digestive problems and blood related ailments are reported.

This acid rain decreases the rich fertility of soil and the latter then turns dry and barren. Soil’s most required nutritious principles viz. calcium, magnesium, phosphorous etc get destroyed. Lest the level of ph decreases drastically then elements like nitrogen, potassium, sulfur etc found in soil get destroyed. In such soil even if crops are grown they become toxic which in turn afflict us all with varied diseases. A conclusion drawn via a study in Germany says that poison of aluminum resulting from acid rains proves very heinous for plant growth.

Amongst regions badly affected by acid rains America and Canada are in the forefront. Both are casting aspersions on each other that polluted elements that create acid rainfall are thrown into each other’s country via the atmosphere. For examining what exactly is the truth with reference to these allegations both set up a joint committee of experts. This group of scientists shall collect samples of this air and shall try and find out the role played by it in acid rainfall noted in both countries. The most badly affected regions due to toxic rains are Vermont, New Hampshire, Mount Eddyrondek, New York and Canada’s north region called Precambrian Shield Lake. Over here natural nourishing principles have been totally destroyed. In it crops, jungles, big-small waterborne creatures, terrestrial creatures etc are dying swiftly. As per a report tabled due to acid rains in these regions the above hazards are ensuing. In comparison to America polluting elements that are causes of acid rainfall that is 5 times less in measure is spread by Canada into America.

Very recently in rainfall reported in East Delhi-India acid content was found. The fact that acid is found in River Ganga waters near Kanpur-India proves that the condition of the atmosphere in our country is now becoming as toxic as other European nations. This impending hazard can become much more serious as per the prediction given by many weather scientists. The future dire situation perceived in the form of acid rains is but the reaction of human action lacking a farsighted vision. In the womb of nature seeds of poison are being sown and thus the results also are perilous in tandem with it. If the trend seen today continues thus, natural calamitous wrath shall intensify further. It is sheer lack of farsighted thinking that only limited regions or special areas only shall get badly affected. The reason is that it is well nigh impossible to bind the atmosphere to the countries’ geographical border and render it totally uninfluenced by its good-bad effects. Since the entire world is bound to nature’s cycle sooner or later they shall definitely get affected. Lest nature’s imbalance is not corrected optimally, if poison in the atmosphere is not purged and that arrangements or not made to obstruct pollution in future days to come then the 2nd wrathful form of an otherwise boon bestowing Mother Nature on manifesting shall force entire human race to die a suffocating death.

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