Advantage of Articles Submission in SEO

Feb 21




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Article submission is a great resource for increasing traffic to your website and also getting one way links back to your site. There are a lot of article directories on the web that accept articles for a variety of categories. It is important however, to pick a category that directly relates to the content of your website. This is an effective marketing method referred to as targeting visitors to your web site.

It is also important to understand when submitting your articles,Advantage of Articles Submission in SEO Articles that a massive amount of articles are submitted to popular article sites and directories. For this reason, only some of the articles that are submitted actually generate a significant amount of traffic to their respective websites. The most important question to ask yourself is: what unique information can I provide that will be of the most value to my readers? Here are some additional important things to consider before you begin your article-submission endeavors in order attract readers to your articles and ultimately get a large amount of traffic to your website:
  • Provide valuable content! Always be asking yourself, would I want to read this? Then take it one step further and ask yourself: after reading this article, would I feel enlightened in such a way that I would be motivated to do something that I would not otherwise have known how to do? By answering this question, you are evaluating what is referred to as your “call to action”. Good writing influences the reader’s behavior.
  • Your article’s content should not be too long, so keep it short. If you have large article content, then try to split them into two or more separate articles.
  • Try to keep your article title short as well, and make sure it is directly related to the contents of the article.
  • Make sure to keep your article title very close to the main keywords of your website as well. As per my experience, keep article titles short and close to the keywords of your website, Google will place far more value to the article’s contents in comparison to your competitor’s websites with the same keywords as you.
  • For example: If you had a web site related to hemorrhoids diseases and we wanted to write an article for this site, then if we put our article title “Hemorrhoids” or any other relevant keywords, then Google wiil give more value to our articles as well as our website in comparison to other related web sites, whose articles consist of vague, meaningless titles.
  • As most article directories do not accept articles with URLs or hyperlinks in the article contents, be sure to not violate this rule or your article will usually not be considered. They do however usually allow you to include your company name and web address in the “about the author” section that is included with each article submission.
So then what is the advantage of article submission for the SEO work of your website?
  • Great sources of getting one way link.
  • Generate interest in the content of your website so as to attract new, unique visitors.
  • Best alternative to link exchange and link exchange networks.
  • Save time in getting back-links to your website instead of directory submission and link exchanging.
  • Some article submission and PR web sites allow people to subscribe to specific categories related to their web site as RSS feeds. If a website subscribes to the RSS feed for the category that you have submitted your article to, your article and back link will not only show up on the website that you have submitted to, it will also automatically appear on all of the websites that subscribe to the RSS feed of that category. However, only articles that have unique and informative content are chosen to be included in these RSS feeds, so make sure to follow the directions we have provided for you here.
As long as you follow these guidelines, traffic to your website will literally increase in astronomical proportions. A good idea might be to print this article out and tape it to the wall by your computer monitor and read it every time you are about to write and submit a new article.