High Pagerank Backlinks – There Is A Lot More To a Website than Creating It

Nov 10


Matthew Anton

Matthew Anton

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Creating a website and folding your hands isn't the best way to go about marketing your business. In order to separate yourself from the competition you need an edge, and what better than high pagerank backlinks? We will go over why they are important and some techniques to obtain them.


Creating a website is not enough

Almost every business has a website these days. However,High Pagerank Backlinks – There Is A Lot More To a Website than Creating It Articles not all websites are equally successful despite being similar in quality and content. The difference lies in the way the sites are marketed and in the way visibility of the sites are increased. One of the crucial factors in ensuring the success of a website is backlinking. More importantly, it is important that you use high pagerank backlinks so that the rank your website increases as well. It is not difficult to create links if you know how to go about it. There are different ways in which you can use your backlinks as well and this is where the difference between highly successful websites and moderately successful websites lie. Backlinks are also important to get high traffic volume to your website and if you have a number of high pagerank sites, the traffic you obtain is higher as well. In addition to these factors, high pagerank backlinks are important in order to increase the ranking of your site on search engine lists. So, creating an efficient website alone will not ensure its success. You need to make efforts and get many high pagerank backlinks in order to ensure its success.

What is pagerank and what is high pagerank backlink?

Pagerank and high pagerank backlinks are two important concepts that help in promoting a site. Pagerank is a largely misunderstood concept. Pagerank does not signify the ranking of the site on search engine pages. It signifies the quality of a single web page. These are ranked on a scale of one to ten. A page with high pagerank will be higher in quality (or at least in the eyes of the search engine due to more popularity in links). Various factors are taken into consideration and incorporated in the mathematical formula that gives pagerank. High pagerank backlinks are the backlinks that are obtained from high pagerank sites. The higher number of high pr backlinks in a site, better will be the ranking.

Pagerank has nothing to do with size of the website

Since pagerank is the value that indicates the value of links to a webpage, it has got nothing to do with size of the website. A small website can have a high pagerank as well, if it is high in quality and has a large number of incoming and outgoing backlinks to its page. Bigger sites are desirable only when the objective is gaining more traffic. What you have to check is the rank of individual pages of other websites. Every page of a website has a rank. So, high pagerank in one page does not mean that all the pages in the website are highly ranked, although they do trickle down to help for subdirectories. Check out individual page ranks in order to find high pagerank backlinks for your site.

Both incoming and outgoing backlinks are important

In order to make good use of link building to increase your search engine rank, it is important that you have high pagerank backlinks in both incoming and outgoing types. Both these types of backlinks are factored by search engines while considering ranking. It is a gross misinterpretation that outbound backlinks bring negative marking. They are necessary and indirectly bring an improvement in the pagerank of the website. So, make sure that all links in your site are of high quality, even if they are few in numbers in order to make the most of your link building process.

Article marketing

One of the most effective ways of obtaining high pagerank backlinks is to make effective use of article directories. These directories also offer long term benefits and ensure that you have a steady flow of traffic as well as a good amount of inbound backlinks. Over time, gradually, your site will acquire several high pagerank backlinks through the articles. Higher the number of article directories you submit your articles to, higher will be the inflow of traffic and backlinks. The trick is to drop your backlinks in the article. In case a few article directories do allow backlinks in the article, you can use the resource box. You can leave your link in the anchor text for better results. Make sure that the link is without mistakes and are not broken. These links are used not only trafficked by visitors but also by search engines and broken links do not bode well with both.

Articles have to be high in quality

While article marketing is a great way to bring in high pagerank backlinks, there are a number of factors that influence the process. The most important factor is the quality of the article. Any article that holds links to your site should be of high quality; the article should be devoid of mistakes such as grammatical mistakes, wrong information, incorrect language and most importantly, copied content. Make sure that none of your articles have been copied from anywhere else. This is not only undesirable from search engine point of view but also from visitors’ point of view. Besides being bad for the reputation of your site, copying or plagiarism is a punishable offense. You can also leave hopes of finding high pagerank backlinks if the quality of content is not good.

Post articles in many sites

The best way to make good use of articles is to post them in various article directories. There are hundreds of directories on the internet. You need to screen out article directories based on their quality and pagerank. You can also gain benefits by posting different articles in different sites. Readers get variety and the traffic to your site will be more varied as well. Results, however, will not be instantaneous. You will have to keep posting new content at least over a period of four months in order to gain effective high pagerank backlinks. Once you begin receiving them, the flow continues for a long time. You can use spun articles, original articles and rewritten articles to make the process easier. If you hire a writer, then you save costs as well. The process will be highly effective in getting you high pagerank backlinks.