Black Hat SEO Basics - Triangular Linking

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Search Engine Optimization is the best tool to use for marketing a website or a blog. Search engines like Google and Yahoo can give a website tons of free traffic that is why all webmasters all over the world are cramming to get a piece of the pie.

While search engine optimization is a very complex process which others are trying to exploit. Basically for me,Guest Posting it is very easy to understand on how to apply SEO to a website, the hard part is how you apply link building techniques.

For those who are new to this industry, SEO has two basic parts - the on-page optimization and off-page optimization. When you say on-page optimization, its the way you optimize your site through your internal web pages. This includes meta tags, heading tags, alt tags, etc.

Off-page optimization does the big difference in your over all SEO efforts. When you say off-page optimization, its the way you optimize your site without modifying your web pages but through link building. Because of this, most webmasters are inclined to do link exchange to improve their website's ranking.

There are several ways to acquire back links which includes email requests, forum marketing, article submission and many more. But some web developers are too smart when it comes to link building strategies. Some of them implements black hat SEO. When you say black hat, its the illegal way of doing SEO and search engines don't like black hat activities.

One type of black hat SEO that some webmasters do is Triangular Linking or commonly known as pyramid linking system. While most black hat activities happens in on-page optimization, Triangular linking is a part of off-page optimization tricks.

Triangular Linking happens when a website offers a link exchange to a specific target website and encourage them to have a link back to another website which they highly recommend. To get a better understanding, say site 1 agrees to link to your site (2), then encourages you to link back to a different site (3). That is triangular linking.

Most often, websites who engage to this scheme are web partners or owns both website. The intention is very simple, and that is to have one way links and to better improve their website's search engine ranking. Google's policy over this type of schemes are very strict that could lead to penalty or suspension of any website from Google's index.

Fortunately, Illegal link trades such as this can be traced easily by Google through links itself. Websites who links to site 1 will also be linking to site 3 which means that both sites have exact similarity for incoming and outgoiing links.

Google is constantly fighting many types of unwanted behaviors by disobedient webmasters. They continuously scans the Internet and eliminating all spam sites as much as possible. All activities that attempts to overcome their system will definitely pay the price in the long run.

Once you are caught doing triangular linking or any types of black hat SEO, your site will definitely get banned for life. So its better to play fair and get back links the right way. After all, SEO is a waiting game were you have all the time to market your website and build back links in the process.

I summary, SEO is the best tool for website marketing. You must only apply the best and proper way of doing SEO and you will gain its benefits in the process. Never do triangular linking with your websites or blogs. This way, you can have a stable online business and a good relationship with search engine giant Google!

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