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If you want to boost your search engine rankings but you are on a limited budget, there are certain steps you can take to put you and your website on the right track.

It will take a time investment on your part,Guest Posting but the following organic search engine optimization (SEO) tips should help you boost site traffic at a minimal cost:Signup for Google Webmaster Tools - Build an XML sitemap and submit it through your Webmaster Tools account. You can set crawl priority for your pages and help Google find new pages. You can also determine if you have broken links, if you're getting external links, and if Google is having a hard time crawling your site. This doesn't guarantee higher search engines rankings, but it does helps you get indexed and fix your site's structure; both of which are important for higher search engine rankings.A good domain name - If you are building a new site, or changing the name of an existing site, working one of your targeted keywords into your domain name can be a great way to boost your popularity with the search engines.Keywords - While you should never overload the content of your website with keywords, you can work them into your site in a number of subtle ways that will help with SEO. Keep the keyword rate in your text between 2-3% while making the articles informative, interesting and readable. In addition, try to use keywords in the websiteís file and folder names, in the navigation bar, in your page titles, in your META description and in your links. My motto is, "If you're thinking about keyword density, you're thinking too much." When you're writing content, just write. If you try to throw in too many keywords, your content will sound stiff and unnatural.Incoming links -  Google has established that natural one way linking offer the best quality links. You can also exchange links with similar sites but keep this process to a minimum. Most link exchanges are too spammy. Instead of exchanging links, engage in quality link directory submissions. This will take more time if you do it right but will add more value to your site in the long run.Map your site - As I explained above, having a sitemap is a great way for search engines and people to find your content. In addition to an XML sitemap, you also need an HTML sitemap linked to each page. When you add more content, add a link on your sitemap. This will help you get indexed faster and alter you to problems if you have issues getting indexed.Write your way to success - There are excellent opportunities for boosting your page ranking by submitting to article directories and forums, or even writing a blog. With any of these options you writing will have to be well written and genuinely informative. However, you can boost both traffic and page ranking with backlinks to your website.All of this can be done by you and it can be done for free. So before you consider hiring an expensive SEO professional, try these techniques. Even if they do not get you into the top search engine page, they will almost certainly increase traffic to your website.

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