Do You Include a Story in Your Blog Post?

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I bring this subject up because I recently read a book, The Story Factor by Annette Simmons.  It is a great book that you should put it in your reading list.

I do not know about you, but I found that story telling in a blog post very interesting when it is related to blog subject.  It conveys the message and a lot of purposes to the readers.

It makes you remember the story and does not need you to work harder to memorize it.  You can retell the story vividly.  You remember it longer because it etched to your brain.  It seems so real to you.  It is like the story teller was in your shoes and in the same time capsule.

It can be a tool to make you take action,Guest Posting and persuade you to join the story teller’s idea.  It can be a motivational tool that convince people to make a donation for a good cause.  But the question is how does a story  do that.

It has its own power that hook you through getting inside of your head.  Then it would communicate to you in the level of humanity.  It expresses how you should feel after reading or hearing the story the first time.  If it is a great story, then it would hook you through a great bait.  What is a great bait you may ask?

The great bait is the story brings you a frame of view in such a way that it seems it is your story.  It is like the situation you are having.  And the story would bring the solution to problem or whatever it wants the reader like you to do.  It is a lesson you want to follow and take action as it says in the story.  Or it can make you stop and pause to think wisely before making a decision or taking an action.  It includes the emotion on top of the feeling it may bring.

You may say that it is a kind of hypnotic method that the story teller is using.  It is probably true because it is so powerful if the story contains the concrete picture like a frame of view.  Why you need a story in your blog, you asked?


First and foremost, you want the story to educate your readers.  A story can teach them and can affect them better than staring at a blog without a story to tell.  It has its power to tell them and let them wonder how the story would end, but the story has its own influence and effect that you can not control.

However,  a story can make people do whatever it wants in its own way.  It can show the positive side of the blog writer wants to convey the message.  For example, a social proof, testimonials, is one of them.

It makes the blog more enjoyable to read and interesting to find out while learning a new topic or tips at the same time.  As you know, blog readers want to have fun too while surfing the net and looking for information.  This is way to entertain your readers.

Last but not least, you as a blog writer can use the story to make them take action as you wish, such as buying your product or signing up for your mailing list.  However, you must have a great story to tell and it can influence them to do so.

Again a great story can make them do such as way, but you can not control the outcome of its effect.   Until then, use your story telling technique as much as you can in your blog and use it to entertain them while they are learning from you as a blog writer expert.

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