Guide To Proper Search Engine Optimization For Your Website

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While the services or products are increasing on a business website, a person does not need to look further than the first page of a search engine for their desired content. The top results that appear after searching for some search terms are the result of the proper execution of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Basics About SEO You Must Know:

SEO or search engine optimization means to optimize your whole website so that your website is found by search engines when a person searches for a search term (keyword) that is relevant to your business website. It is a strategy applied by SEO company in Bangladesh that involves using specific keywords in the content so that if a person searches for something,Guest Posting your website is listed on the top page.


Why you will need of SEO services in Bangladesh?

In this time of covid pandemic, most people first searched online to figure out the service or products regarding their daily needs. They then look for ecommerce online store near them while they are in need of some groceries and medicine. Although some prefer word-of-mouth, predominantly, it’s the online search that people depend on. And here the SEO company in Bangladesh – Bhavitra Techsolutions comes into play. A well-crafted website containing relevant keywords in its content has the potential to appear on the first page of a search. Our team of SEO experts & content writers involve strategically creating professional content which contains definitive keywords and content relevant to the profession. They work together to publish contents on various relevant websites to grow your website traffic and that brings you the 1st page ranking.


Importance of SEO Service in Bangladesh:

Most of the customers and the market in Bangladesh have shifted from scouring through yellow pages to finding everything online. SEO is essential for our clients to discover services & products. We already worked with clients who have very different kinds of industrial backgrounds. Their website should be understandable and accessible to all. eCommerce SEO is especially important as an individual looking for a product is already unfocused. They are bound to select that product selling website, whom they can access more conveniently and more comfortably.


Parts of eCommerce SEO You Should Know About:

SEO is easy, but search engine optimization needs to be appropriately executed for significant results. The steps involved in it are:

  • Website: The first obvious factor for ecommerce SEO is a full functional ecommerce website. The image content, product tags, text content, and the page URL needs to be proper and relevant to the specific product on the website.
  • Navigation: if a website is challenging to figure out, it loses the traffic and interest of customers. An ecommerce website should be easy to use and organized enough to navigate people of every age and education.
  • Content: the SEO copywriting used and the presentation of the content is essential. If the consumer doesn’t understand what is written or having any confusion on the product or service, they will not buy from the store. There has to be relevant text content with sufficient keywords.
  • Backlinks/Hyperlinks: there is a greater possibility of increasing the traffic and the business on your website is linked to other high authority relevant websites and articles. Most people would click on a given link to further read the given details.


Our SEO copywriting and the search terms of the product/service are generally less confusing for the users. The content, keywords, and accessibility must be made easy for customers. Ecommerce SEO is crucial as it helps both the businesses as well as the customers requiring the product/service.


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