Tutorial of Website design & development for beginners

Apr 7


Bhavitra TechSolution

Bhavitra TechSolution

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In this article, we explained how you can create your own website for your small business. We described how you can get hosting-domain and connect open source CMS website with them. By reading this article, you will be able to create and handle your own website. Grab it now!


Tutorial of Website design & development for beginners

The Internet is one of the easiest ways to get your business organization's information global. And the website is required to submit your information through the Internet. Not only your own information,Tutorial of Website design & development for beginners Articles but you can also easily access the necessary pictures, videos, or files of any format through the website. But this website requires a domain name and hosting. And one of the last designers and developers to build the site. For those who do not understand well this, it is great trouble!

Today's special report on the latest in website creation.

'There are basically three steps to creating a website. First, purchase a domain name of your choice, then upload the information online, buy hosting to share it with others, and highlight the content in a language that can be read in the latest browser. ‘According to Sudip Chakraborty, Digital Marketing Executive at Bhavitra Technologies, a website design & development company. He said the website is now very important for every organization and even the people. It is now the most effective means of communicating information to a large number of people at the fastest time. And that's why every big organization, as well as small organization, has a need to create a website. In small developed countries, although the website system started long ago, our country lagged far behind. But already small enterprises and even personal website creation initiatives have been started in our country, he said.

Domain name selection

The first important thing to do when creating an organization or a person's website is to select a domain name. 'Someone needs to come to your office. In this case, they must know your office address. Or he can't come. The domain name of the website is the same as this office address. If someone wants to collect your office information via the internet, he or she will have to come to the address of your official website. And the website address is basically the domain name of your business organization. Usually, it is bought in conjunction with the organization's name, "said Shayan Mukherjee, Domain specialist at Bhavitrahost - a web hosting company in India. For example, the address of a favorite website: priyo.com - the name is basically the domain name of a website. The domain name also has a number of components. For example, the domain names of commercial companies usually end with dotcom (such as microsoft.com). Again, companies' websites usually end with dot org (eg: un.org). However, the most popular domain on the Internet. Shayan Mukherjee said, however, the choice of the user is the most important when purchasing a domain. The domain name is short and should match the name of the business organization. This allows visitors to visit the website without remembering the name of the organization.

Web hosting

Web hosting is one of the issues that come with buying a domain name on a website. Web hosting is basically a server uploading user content online. On this server, the website owner has to upload various information and from there, visitors can see the information. If the domain name of the website is assumed to be an office address, then hosting is the organization's office building, room, furniture, and other things. In this case, the owner of a website can only upload as much MB web hosting information as he wants. That's pretty much it - as much as a businessman is renting a godown, he's only getting a chance to stock up. Web hosting is of different quality. Sudip Chakraborty said the hosting service provider's standards are based on the hosting server provider's "server core" and other configurations.

Website Design

After purchasing the domain name and hosting of the website, the next step is to design the website. According to the user's interest, the designer usually designs the website. And the companies that have the brand color are colored in those colors. In this case, brand logos are commonly used as web logos. All website designing and development organizations usually create these sites according to customer needs. Mr. Sanjib Kumar Das, senior website developer and Managing Director, said those who want to create dynamic websites on a low budget can use the open-source content management system or CMS with WordPress and Joomla. And before designing a website, the developer must understand your needs well. Then the developers can choose the appropriate website platform & web development technologies.

Who gives service?

The Internet is the domain name regulated by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, or ICANN. Subject to the approval of this organization, several big companies can register domain names. Of these, Godaddy, Bluehost, and NameCheap are the most discussed in our country. Anyone can buy a domain online with a credit card from these organizations. Apart from selling domains, these companies also provide hosting services. So hosting can be taken from them. They have different types of hosting packages as per the needs of the users. However, most web developers recommend buying domain hosting from Bangladeshi hosting companies rather than buying them directly through credit cards.

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