Is Article writing necessary for Promotion?

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The articles which are submitted in various blogs and article sites promote the website through the links added on these articles.

While most of the companies these days are promoting their products on the internet,Guest Posting much of the emphasis is given to article writing. One should ask why? Why so much emphasis on article writing when there so much being done behind the screen – linking, interlinking, pay per click, directory listing and so on. Isn’t it just a futile effort just to add on tens of pages to make the site run? Though it may look complex, but the simple fact is that Article Writing is as necessary for the Promotion of the site as are the other things. In a website, apart from the images which run on flash is the content written on the website. All those precious words which praise the site and its purpose are a vital part of the website as these tell the onlooker what that site is about. Similarly, the articles posted are generally in accordance with the site which is being promoted. Once the reader goes through these articles, he gains an interest in what is written. While reading, he also clicks on the various links added on the article page. These links, which are linked to the various pages of the main website, take the reader to the website page.  On the other side, the reader, whose interest is already generated go on reading through the pages of the main website, thus increasing the chances of a prospect client. This not only increases the business of the site but also the popularity of the website.  Article writing is one thing, article submission is another. When an article is prepared and approved for submission, it is then submitted in various article sites or article directories. The directories to which the article is submitted are those with high PR Rank.  Also different descriptions are added while the article is submitted in the article directory. This process increases the chances of circulation of the article more, subsequently increasing the popularity of your site.   Hence, article writing is important for promotion of your website.  Media Marketing Online is one of the top ranking Seo Company which does the SMO work. Should you require assistance for the same or any other activities of SEO work, log on to the website of MMO to get the details. 

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