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Learn how to make money writing articles from home with no experience. Erica Williams will explain some of the secrets of earning over $800 a day writing articles from home.

Writing articles on the Internet for a full time income is possible. Thanks to the expansion of the Internet,Guest Posting writers are able to find writing jobs with little to no experience or qualifications.

Even though these writing jobs are plentiful, the average Internet writer makes no more than $50 a day! One reason for this may have to do with the large amount of writing scams and limited amount of resources available to new Internet writers who would like to earn a living writing articles online.

Online writing sweatshops- When you are a new writing breaking into the business, one might find themselves trapped in a never ending cycle of writing scams. For one, these scammers know that the writing industry is huge, and there are many people looking for legit jobs. Just take a look at Craigslist, and you will see the vast amount of ads looking something like this, “Writing interns needed-Gain Experience”. Um, for one, any publisher that is worth looking at will never advertise their need for an intern. Especially not on a free advertising board such as Craigslist.

Writers want to get paid, not work for free! Avoid writing boards as much as possible!

Work for outsourcing sites- Believe it or not, most Internet writers make a bulk of their money writing for outsourcing sites. The key is picking the right one. There are many that have high rating such as Accenture, Sodexo and Capgemini. These outsourcing companies usually take resumes from writers. The more outsourcing companies you are signed with, the more writing jobs you can get.

Sell Your Own Writing- Selling your own writing is a good way to earn money on the Internet. For one, you have more freedom on what type of content you sell. Unlike taking special request from clients, writers have the freedom to make more money by quickly writing articles and then selling it for a profit. There are multiple ways to do this:

·         Content marketplaces- When you want to provide pre-written articles, content marketplaces are the best way to do it. This is where you can write an article and submit it to a site. Webmasters and publishers look over articles and then pay for the one they want. There are many pros and cons to this method such as; for one, writers don’t have to do much advertising. The more content marketplaces you are signed up with, the better chances you will be able to sell your writing. Some really good examples of content marketplaces include; Constant-Content and Dailyarticle.com. Some of the cons of content marketplaces are that they can get pretty overcrowded. Most articles don’t sell for more than $10 a piece. Besides that fact, articles only sell for certain topics and the websites takes a percentage of the overall cost of the article (most of the time 20%-30%. So in reality, the writer is only making about $6-$7 per article.

·         Forums- These are mostly used by writers who like to sell PLR article packs. PLR article packs stands for, private label rights. These article packs are usually sold in 10, 20’s or 30’s. They usually go for a $1 each. Why would webmasters want to buy articles that will be sold to others? For one, they can submit them to article directories or other sites for traffic. The key is to sell PLR articles to a limited amount of buyers. These will keep the value of the articles very high.

·         Personal Website- Selling pre-written articles on your own website is perfect for gaining clients. Also, you can provide writing services which clients can make special request for articles and content. Make sure to include the certain type of writing you specialize in. Adding writing samples, a pictures of yourself and verified stamps (such as Paypal verified stamps) are perfect for gaining the trust of the client. The quality of your writing samples will determine how much your clients are willing to pay for your articles. Some writers want to know how they can sell their writing for $50 an article when Bob is selling the same article for $3. This is the way; your writing samples. You can’t put a price tag on quality.

·         Online Publishing Sites- If you haven’t noticed yet, there are a slew of online writing companies that need the assistance of writers to add to their site. There are many pros and cons to this method of earning money writing online; for one, it is easy to get accepted to these sites. Your writing skills to not have to be on a professional level and you can crank out more articles in a less amount of time. The cons include not being paid very much for your articles. Most publishing sites are only willing to pay $2-$3 per article. Online publishing sites are good for writers who are new to the writing industry, but it is not recommended to stall your writing career at sites like these. It is easy to say, “If only I could write 50 articles per day, I can make $100-$150!” This is not a realistic approach, as after the 10th article, your fingers will feel like they are about to explode and your brain will go numb. Some examples of online publishing sites include, “Associated Content” and “Demand Studios”.

·         Online Ezines- There is two different types of online ezines- magazines (newspapers) and directories. With directories, you are not directly paid for your writing services. Writers make money when they are advertising their own product. To really make money with this method, selling your own product is highly advised (e-book, book reports,etc). This is to make sure the affiliate program is not scamming you out of your hard earnings. Online magazines are perfect for making money as well with your writing. They don’t take as long as traditional publishing firms and have an easier submission process. If you submit one article to 200 ezines, more than likely, you are going to get a call back from one of those sites who is willing to take your article.

As you can see, there are many ways you can make money online writing articles. The key is to market yourself to interested clients and webmasters.  

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