Key Words And Search Engine Optimization

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Selecting the right set of key words is most important for effective search engine opptimization to get organic traffic. Don't ruch through in choosing the keywords and use key word tools to search for the frequently used key word terms with less competition.

Search engine optimization is the vital part of your web development to get traffic and profit from it. Doing online business without traffic means searching for something in an empty purse. Key words or key word phrase plays an important role in search engine optimization. Optimizing your web site to search engines is to get higher rankings in the search result pages and precisely saying,Guest Posting ranking among the top 10. Usually everybody and you yourself as a searcher, wouldn't go beyond the first 10 results. So every webmaster is vying for the small space of the first page search result and desires to rank at number one. Key word tools help you to find out the keyword phrase that generates large number of searches but has less competition. Less competition means, less number of websites shown for the particular keywords.                                                                          Key Word Tools Optimizing your website for the highly searchable keywords will help your website to rank in the first page and bring in organic traffic. Higher the ranking, more will be the traffic as people tend to click the first 5 results of a search page. Some SAO companies will drain your money by optimizing your website for a key word phrase which is not commonly used. So it is more important that you optimize your website for a keyword phrase which is frequently used by the searchers. Understand clearly that optimizing and ranking number one for any key word won't bring you the desired traffic. Number of searches made through that key word is most important. The key word tools are very useful in zeroing in on the most used keyword phrases with less competition. Google suggest and Yahoo overture are two free keyword research tools. In Google suggest you can get the relevant key word phrases in the order of number of searches made, when you enter a key word or keyword phrase in the search box. But you can't get the number of searched made through that keyword phrase. In Yahoo overture it will show the relevant key words and the number of search made for a particular month, but not the number of competing sites. Also you will get a feeling that some of the key words are in commonly used format. Word tracker solved all these problems but it comes with a price. It also allows free trial with limited options.                                                                Selecting The Right Keywords Now you will be more clear that only right set of key words with less competition will help you to rank high and get more traffic. It is not only your content but also your domain name should have the relevant key words of the niche field, you are going to operate. Many web masters tend to have fancy words or personal name as their domain name. Having your personal name won't work, unless you are a very famous person. Fancy names won't help you to rank high. Choosing a general term is also not advisable. Suppose your site is selling toys, selecting a word 'toys' will make it very difficult to rank high and the competition level will be mind boggling one. Moreover domain names will not be available for general terms. People searching through general keywords will have less committed goal. In the above example, if you are selling soft toys, then your domain name may like this 'softtoys' or 'soft-toys'. If you are selling a particular brand name in your domain name as 'brandnamesofttoys'. Place contents optimizing for the key word 'softtoys'.                                                    Choose A Long Key Word Phrase Take any field, it will be difficult to get a domain name with just one or two key words. In order to ward off competition and to get high ranking, choose a domain name with long keyword phrase, preferably with three or four key words. Don't go for more than 4 keywords. If you are aiming at local market you can add your city name in the domain name. The long and more particular keyword phrase will bring in targeted traffic and more conversion. Coin the right set of keywords pertaining to your niche field. Place yourself in the shoes of a searcher and think over in what format a searcher will use those key words to search the web. Write down different formats feed them in the keyword tools and analyze the results. Finalize a search term which has high number of searches, but less competition. 'Weightloss' is a general term. 'weightlosspills' or 'safeweightlosspills' is a particular term. It is preferable not to have hyphen in between the words. Your website may have many numbers of pages. Optimize each page for the relevant keywords. If you have more number of pages ranking high for the different topics of your niche field, you will get more traffic. Have key words in your title field, meta tag description and content.  Author Information: Keyword phrase plays an important role in search engine optimization. Don't rush through in selecting the key words, be patient and use the key word tools to catch the right key words, as it is going to lay the foundation of your online business. Key Words And SEO                                         

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