Essential Tools to Create PDF Ebook

Aug 27


Melvin James

Melvin James

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Do you want to become a good ebook writer? How to create PDF ebook? This article will discuss these and recommend some essential tools for a entry level ebook writer.


Do you ever want to become an ebook writer and share your thought and feeling around the Internet? As we all know,Essential Tools to Create PDF Ebook Articles PDF format is one of the best format for information transferring and storage. Why not write something and create your own PDF ebook, for sharing or money? Believe me, do not think only the people who graduated from literature of famous university can be good writer. Everyone can be a good writer as long as you write with your soul and inspiration.

Writing a book seems a difficult and complicated task. In the past, there must be publishers, budget, and bookstores and so on to deal with when you want to publish a book. But with the development of Internet, just a few tools and Internet can turn your dreams into reality.

Word Processor

A word processor is the essential tool for a writer. Writing your story down and save it in electronic document is the first step to create your own ebook.When it comes to word processor, people will think of Microsoft Word immediately. That is the most popular software in the whole world. The features like word count and the spell check, and tons of fonts and so on, all of them are useful for writers. From Microsoft 2003 to 2007 and the upcoming Microsoft Office 2010, the Microsoft office can handle almost everything you throw at it. However, Microsoft Word is not the only choice for an ebook writer. yWriter 4 is an easy-to-use program. It allows writers to juggle all kinds of writing projects and break them down into pieces so that users can easily manage and track. Or WordPerfect, which has a long history since 1980. Many experienced writers recommend it. WordPerfect can save to Word DOC, and it can open Word DOC, plus rtf, and a host of other files. yWriter 4 and WordPerfect is much cheaper than Microsoft Office.There are some free service like Open Office, Google Doc as well. Just pick your favorite Word processor and finish your story.

PDF Tools

After finished your writing, create a book cover using Photoshop or something like this, then insert to your document. And the following step is to create your story from Word document to PDF files.

Create PDF ebook from Word document

If you have the Microsoft Word 2007 or 2010, you can easily save your document as PDF format. If you are using a lower version or other word processor, you need a PDF creator. If you have Adobe Acrobat, the conversion would be professional, but it’s too expensive for many casual writers. Just find a Word to PDF converter to help you with the PDF creation. Then your ebook is almost done.

Convert PDF to Word

As an ebook writer, often you need to convert PDF to Word to format your ebook, modify your content or add some images and so on. If you do not have a PDF editor, you can not edit the PDF files after you have created it. At this time, you need a good PDF to Word converter. What’s the standard of good PDF to Word converter? The original text, layouts, images should be exactly retained in the Word documents. And the converters should be easy-to-use. No one is willing to spend a whole day learning how to use software. So, accurate and easy is the most important features for a good PDF to Word converter. Further more, a good PDF to Word converter must support protected PDF conversion, In case you had set the restrictions for your PDF ebook and forgot the password or lost the original copy. AnyBizSoft PDF to Word converter wins my vote for the best PDF to Word converter.

With the word processor and PDF tools, you can make a professional PDF ebook. An excellent ebook should be promoted to the public. Now you can upload to your blog or website, submit the ebook to some ebook shop or websites. Share your thought, feeling and the fabulous story to the whole world. Anyone can be a great writer.