Multiple Domains – The Anathema of SEO

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Effective and affordable SEO service hinges on the capacity to harness the full potential of basic and advanced strategies and tactics. Are you aware of what needs to be done to get your site on overdrive?

To the marquee players in the SEO industry,Guest Posting it is not wise to build multiple domains in order to host relatively the same content. For a top performing Toronto SEO company, such practice simply does not fall within the scope of their probable SEO solutions and options. Most SEO engineers believe that search engines find this practice misleading and downright abusive, no ifs and buts.

Most people who are inclined to adopt this approach may not have any intention to deceive and are just motivated by the prospect of getting a real bang for their buck by achieving material edge in terms of productivity and coverage. In today’s scheme of things, this practice is usually dismissed as a misstep that is usually committed by novice search engine optimization Toronto professional. For most of the experienced and seasoned SEO service providers, this is one tight fix where you will not find them.

Are you wondering why the Web seem to be all screwed up nowadays? There are SEO-designed blogs that are optimized in the worst possible manner. Tags and categories are turned off, half of their pages are nofollow and several search engine optimization plugs that are useless are installed and affecting the “crawlability” of the blog site. People who are doing these at the drop of the hat are the last ones you would turn to for SEO advice and help.

The truth of the matter is that SEO multiple domains is not a complex undertaking, and you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to have them. Granting that you have 20 pages for your site, you can easily spread them across several domains. You simply create additional 4 pages on 5 domains and link these domains and, presto, you already have multiple domains from your core 20-page site.

The big issue, however, is that you will have interlinked domains. This is where things become tricky. There are SEO gurus who strongly believe that interlinking of domains can get you penalized or banned. It is important to note that Yahoo specifically object to domain interlinking as it does not accept multiple listing of interlinked domains in their directory.

With all these issues taken into consideration, you must understand that, strictly speaking, it is not the interlinking that can get Webmasters into serious problems with search engines. However, you need to understand what would constitute the circumstances for which SEO multiple domains can lead to serious problems with search engines. Interlinking domains per se is not the main beef of search engines, it is link manipulation. Search engines don’t usually make a big fuss if you are going to have 5 domains that are interlinked to each other. However, things can really get serious if you have some 50 or even 500 domains which are linked only to each other; this constitutes a link farm. The main difference, as far as search engines are concerned, relate not only on the scale of the act but also on the intent, which is most of the time are downright obvious.

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