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SEO helps in creating awareness, visibility and credibility of your site. It also helps in getting quality traffic from relevant sites.

Many seek the first page spot on the search engines but whether they reach this goal is another story. At Dotpeak,Guest Posting we offer SEO services that will renovate your site in such a way that popular names like Google and Yahoo will not be able to resist putting it on the first page for viewers to see.

Search Engine Optimisation utilizes reliable methods that assure to turn your site into a traffic magnet and DotPeak believe that this constant process is absolutely essential in order to make your web design and content attractive to the engines so when they are considered, your website demonstrates strong potential in these areas: - Market research for SEOMarket research is the fundamental step in order to start the web design and SEO process. Analysing your market place is elemental at this stage in order to sift through terms that are being searched for frequently and reveal what keywords you as a company want to target. These will normally be decided on emerging trends, facts and demographics. Your website designers will be able to help you with this. - ContentThe first thing you should know is your keywords as they are the skeleton of your content. The next stage is adding ‘meat to the bones’, improving your content and giving your keywords connotations. This may mean making corrections and adding meaning to your Meta keywords, Meta description, Meta title, headings, alt tags and many more.- Insert Semantic XHTML in your web design After you are happy with the content your website contains, the next stage will be to make standard HTML in order for search engine optimisation to take place. This is where DotPeak web design service stands out from the crowd as we have your websites’ best interests at heart. Therefore we find out your pages’ code, making it a breeze for you to read and edit. This will give your site the advantage when search engines release web robots to decipher the meaning of your content. - Marketing your website via social media The majority of marketers know how crucial it is to build a connection with the consumer you are targeting. Even better, build a community of followers who discuss your products and the services you may offer. So incorporating things like blogs, forums and news sections into your marketing plan is a great idea and DotPeak’s CMS provides you with built-in support for social media optimisation. Check out our blog on Social network sites to see the effect they have within our society. We also offer web design courses and SEO courses, where we discuss such concepts.

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