Search Engine Optimization - Basics

Apr 22


Tapan Ghosh

Tapan Ghosh

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What is search engine optimization? Yes, that what is the first thing to understand.If you have a website, you would like lots of people to visit your site. How would you let people to know about your site?

Recent statistics show that most of the sites visited by surfers are through search engines and the trend is increasing very fast. So,Search Engine Optimization - Basics Articles if you have a website to announce, you need to submit your site to popular search engines for greater exposure.

Search engines on their own way inspect your site and rank it according to their own ranking systems. Higher ranking of your site gets more exposure to the surfers. So, how do you get higher ranking on search engines? That is what search engine optimization is all about.

Search engine optimization starts from the building of your site itself. That is why you need to know about search engine optimization before you even start making a web site. This is from my own experience. If you don't want to take all the troubles of search engine optimization, you can just let SEO experts to handle about it or else do learn the basics, which will help you take every steps with clear concept.

Search engine optimization is not at all an easy job but if you have patience, interest to learn, follow the guidelines and have no money in pocket – you will find it not so difficult too.

There are lots to learn about search engine optimization but I would just touch the basics that would help the beginners.

1) Your website need to have keywords by which surfers search for websites on search engines. If your site is about store, one of the keyword for your website is "store" and you need to use this word all over your site judiciously. Search engines rate pages with more keywords as more relevant results, and score them higher. But, never over do it or else search engine will consider it as spamming.

2) One of the most important thing is to choose a domain name. Make sure that your keyword or key phrase is present in your domain name to your advantage on search engine ranking. It is recommended that you purchase the domain name that contains your keywords. If you have more then one keywords, separate them in the url with hyphens "-".

3) The title tag of your page should have your prominent keywords in it to increase your ranking in search engines. The content of the Title tag is displayed by browsers on the Title bar located at the top of the browser window.

4) It is important that the keyword is present in the very first heading tag on the page regardless of its type. If the keyword is also used as a first word, you will raise its prominence.

5) Do remember a very important thing - never manipulate or try to fool search engines in any way. That will spoil your site’s reputation and you might spoil all your hard work by doing so.

6) Check out Google’s Webmaster Help Center for important and useful information.

With these guidelines, you can start building your website and when finished, check out Web CEO for fine tuning.