Squidoo SEO Methods - 3 Powerful Squidoo SEO Techniques to Get More Traffic

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Squidoo is one of the highest ranking web 3.0 sites today, at least according to Google.  But how are you supposed to get your lenses better ranked in the search engines?  There are some simple steps you can take that you will give you an advantage over other lensmasters.

Squidoo can be a very good place to write an article about a product or something that interests you and others. Squidoo also has a very high page rank,Guest Posting which in the Internet Marketing world means everything. With high page rank, comes high amounts of traffic. But even submitting to directories with a high page rank and an excellent Alexa ranking won't do it all for you. I've outlined 3 techniques that will surely improve your Squidoo SEO if you use them.

1. Building Backlinks

To Internet Marketers, backlinks are like the "lifeblood" of their campaigns. But how do you build backlinks? By writing articles, of course! Write articles around your "long-tailed keyword phrases" and keep a 1-3% density in your articles.

Try not to focus strictly on writing around your "keyword phrases" though. Google needs to know where to find your article, but don't over do it. Readers are looking for "real" content, and Google knows this. By using your keyword phrases too many times you are "stuffing" and therefore possibly sounding "unnatural". This technique may have worked in the past, but it does no longer.

You can also get great backlinks by posting comments on other people's relevant blogs. This is a great one for Squidoo SEO, but again don't overdo it. Always post an informative comment and not a blatant "sales pitch". This will be frowned upon by most administrators and could be looked at as SPAM.

2. Blogging

Like I mentioned before, writing a blog and posting to it regularly is what the Google "spiders" like. When they are crawling your site on a regular basis, you know that you are going to get a good amount of traffic. Always write blog posts and create pages around your targeted "keyword phrases".

Blogging also allows you to show your own personality, and to create your own targeted "fan" base. Many bloggers have gained that extra "edge" through blogging. Both WordPress and Blogger are great places to start, Google is a big fan of both, so you can't go wrong!

3. Using Keyword Phrases in the Title and Sub-Title

Google uses a very advanced "system" of finding web-pages. In order for them to find your lens easier, it must be "indexed" properly. The way to easily do this is by using your "keyword phrase" in the Title AND the Sub-Title. Again, do this "naturally", so it doesn't end up sounding like you are "forcing" the keywords in.

Remember to keep your keyword phrase FIRST in the title. For instance, if your article was about "F5 Fighter Planes", you could write something like this: F5 Fighter Planes - 3 of the Best F5 Fighter Planes That Were Ever Built. This will let the "spiders" know that you have written your lens around F5 Fighter Planes, and therefore will be easier to find.

These are just a few, basic Squidoo SEO techniques that can be used that are VERY effective. Don't rely on this alone to get you MILLIONS of page views overnight. Once you get a "rhythm" going you will be able to create MANY lenses. Remember always, MORE content and MORE lenses are always better than LESS.

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