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You've selected the perfect website ... You’re finally ready to show the world your ... ... will anyone be able to find it? When I began my career as a ... 5 years ago,

You've selected the perfect website template. You’re finally ready to show the world your professional website...but will anyone be able to find it? When I began my career as a webmaster 5 years ago,Guest Posting I assumed that if I had a great looking website it would naturally bring visitors. I found a great looking professional website template for the small business I worked for, customized it...and waited. To my surprise, no visitors appeared. I kept wondering what I had done wrong? I used PPC ads and trusted feeds to bring the traffic to my website but it seemed very expensive and didn’t yield the results I expected. I didn't quite understand why how those other non-paid listings (for the same products I sold) were listed ahead of me. My desire for an improved search engine ranking(or any search engine ranking) drove me to find a solution. I visited webmaster forums, read many newsletters and websites and discovered a great little tool called Wordtracker. I learned that if I had only used keywords that people "really" searched for, I could build my whole website around them and the visitors would come! I used Wordtracker, Overture, and Alta Vista to come up with some suggestions. To my surprise some of the words I thought people were searching for, they weren't searching for at all. I quickly learned that it wasn't realistic to target one word phrases like "baby" or "toys" because they were way too broad and competitive. I also found that people were searching for specific products I sold. I quickly realized that the more words I used that were specific to my business, the better chance I had of conversions (sales). Once I was able to step outside the box and look at the real data that was in front of me, I decided to revamp my professional website template, include realistic, targeted keywords, develop original content based on these keywords and re-release my website to the world. About 2 months after I did, I finally saw results. It worked! Search engine directory submissions and solid link campaign were next. I was so happy with the results that I decided to form my own website to teach people just like me how they too can improve search engine rankings with the right keyword search strategy. I never realized how much a keyword search strategy could benefit a website until I saw it for myself. Now, my professional website template brings targeted traffic with conversions!

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