Types of Pillar Pages That Improve SEO Rankings

Apr 7


Nancy Whitman

Nancy Whitman

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Have you ever heard about SEO ranking? It is a website ranking system that determines how search results are ranked and displayed on internet search engines. Of course, you should already be familiar with this term and how it works if you are a website owner. If you are not, well, stick around. You are set to learn everything you should know about it from this article.



Search engines often optimize and rank websites according to their relevance and how well they are presented. You will want your site to rank high among these search engines as it can determine the amount of traffic you get and many people visit your pages. You need to take some necessary steps if you want your website to be SEO friendly,Types of Pillar Pages That Improve SEO Rankings Articles and one key addition is pillar pages. This article will highlight three primary types of pillar pages that can significantly improve your site's SEO ranking. Read on to discover more about SEO services.

What is A-Pillar Page?

A pillar page is also known as a power page or content pillar, summarizing how important this page is. It is a web page that summarizes the entire content, giving in-depth details and covering the keywords and links to other relevant pages. When creating a pillar page, you must ensure it contains the main idea of the content, the keywords, and links to supporting sites. What's more? Your pillar page must be very engaging to attract and sustain your audience.

Three Types of Pillar Pages and How They Improve Rankings

Three types of pillar pages can help you boost your site's ranking on search engines, and they include;

  1. Guide Pillar Pages: As the name suggests, these pages often act as an introduction page, introducing you to every section of the article and what they stand for. This type of pillar page helps to introduce your brand and promote it by establishing and maintaining trust with your audience. It also links to related pages on the website that offer more knowledge on specific topics. The title of these pages often starts with "Guide To …."
  2. "What Is" Pillar Pages: This pillar page often banks on the audience's curiosity and uses it as bait to attract them to the website. "What is …" is a common phrase used to search for answers on the internet, and you can make your site relevant on search engines by using this type of Pillar page. You can make your "what is" pillar page resourceful by including links to relevant cluster pages within your site.
  3. "How To" Pillar Pages: This pillar page type is similar to the "what is" pillar page because it also banks on the audience's curiosity. The telling difference, however, is that "how to" pages target their willingness to learn how something is done. You can utilize this pillar page system by helping your target audience solve a problem or providing ways of improvement for specific functions.

Bottom Line

The benefits of using pillar pages for your website are pretty much, and they have proven to be very effective, as the results show. Knowing how to use these pillar pages also improves their efficiency, and the basics have been highlighted in this article. Indeed, the tips in this article will help you to achieve better results with your online efforts.