Three Uncommon Tips for Yahoo! Submission

Jan 2


Chrisi Darrington

Chrisi Darrington

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This article provides three unique tips for successfully submitting your website to Yahoo! These tips are not commonly known but can significantly increase your chances of getting your website listed on Yahoo!

Tip 1: Avoid Excessive Submission of Your Site

Yahoo! editors view repeated submission of the same website as spam. Therefore,Three Uncommon Tips for Yahoo! Submission Articles it's crucial to submit your site only when necessary. If your site isn't listed within three weeks of submission, you can submit it again. However, if it's still not listed after the second submission, refrain from submitting it again. Instead, consider reaching out to Yahoo! support for assistance. This approach can help you avoid getting banned for spamming.

Here's an example of an email you can send to Yahoo! support:

Support email address:

Dear Yahoo! Support,

I have submitted my website to your directory twice since [insert date]. Could it be that I need to make some changes before my site qualifies to be listed in your directory? My website address is [insert your URL].

I understand that due to the volume of submissions, mine might have been overlooked. I submitted my site on [insert date] and [insert date]. I believe my website is of high quality and interest. It has received positive feedback from visitors and has won awards such as "Hot Site" and "Best of the Best".

I would greatly appreciate it if you could consider my site, [insert site title], for inclusion in your directory. Please let me know if I need to resubmit my site or if there are any corrections or suggestions you may have.

My email address is [insert email address] and I am available to answer any questions you may have. Thank you for your time and consideration.

[Your name]

Remember to rephrase this email to avoid suspicion from Yahoo! when they receive multiple inquiries with the same wording.

Tip 2: The Significance of Color Choice

The choice of color on your website can significantly impact your chances of getting listed on Yahoo! Successful web entrepreneurs suggest, and I concur, that black text on a white background is the best way to present your content. Use color to accent your website, but avoid using more than three color combinations, excluding black and white. Ensure these colors complement each other and that the linked text is not overly bright or distracting. If you're unsure about your color choices, consider seeking a second opinion.

A professional-looking website increases your chances of getting listed.

Tip 3: Steer Clear of the Novice Look

Centering everything or using large areas of bold text on your website can make it look amateurish. Instead, center headlines and subheadings, and left-justify the rest of your content. Use larger fonts only for headlines and subheadings, and bold text for highlighting important key thoughts and keywords.

In conclusion, follow the instructions provided by Yahoo! for website submission. You can find them here. Create a unique and valuable website with a professional tone. Animated banners and buttons can be distracting, so use them sparingly or not at all. Lastly, ensure your site is free of grammar and spelling errors by having a friend review it.