How to Make Better Use of Web Site Page Titles and META Data

Jun 6 20:51 2005 Michael Murray, VP of Fathom SEO Print This Article

We got down to the basics with web site page titles and META data as part of a new study on how manufacturers use natural search engine optimization (SEO). Businesses of all types could benefit from the following case studies that show how poor titles and META data can be improved from an SEO perspective.

Case Studies: Ineffective Optimization

We selected 10 of the web sites (among 350 we studied) that scored the worst in terms of search engine optimization. Here’s a closer look at what they may be doing wrong on their home pages (company names are removed).

Case Study No. 1

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Michael Murray, VP of Fathom SEO
Michael Murray, VP of Fathom SEO

Michael Murray is vice president of Fathom SEO, a Cleveland, Ohio-based search engine optimization firm. He authored the “U.S. Manufacturers Resist Natural Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Online Sales Leads” study.

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