91 percent of LookupPage Pro Users Rank in the Top 10 Search Results on Google!

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Do you want to be visible on Google first page when people search your name and your chosen keywords? If your answer is yes, then take a look at the nummbers below.

When it comes to getting you noticed on Google's first organic results page,Guest Posting i.e., your Google CV, LookupPage gets the job done. To reveal its effectiveness, we randomly sampled ten percent of LookupPage $7.95/month Pro users on April 14, 2009. We found out that 91% of their pages ranked in the top 10 search results on Google, for searches on their name. But here's the real kicker: 73% rank on the top 3 results and 52% rank #1 for searches on their name. The above ranking results together with the complementary sponsored listing included in the premium memberships, results in higher traffic - For every visit to a free LookupPage, Premium members average 30 visits. How's that for results!

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Ranking this high isn't as simple as signing up for LookupPage Pro and waiting for the results to happen automatically. On LookupPage, content = higher ranking. LookupPage premium members' pages are on average much more complete and up-to-date than free members' pages. For example, 75% of premium members have updated their about info in the personal details section, compared to 26% of free users. Regardless of your membership type, the more content you add to your profile the more you improve the chances of being visible on search engines.

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