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News submission and SEO strategies are related – the better quality news you can distribute in specific period of time or about specific product – the higher ranking you will deserve in internet search engines, such as google, yahoo, msn, altavista. 

In this small publication we would like to compare different news genres – press release,Guest Posting article, video blog.  In general the more you write and publish, assuming the quality is the best in your field – the better, however ranking depends on your awareness on the SEO, search engines ranking and how to get to the top.  Let’s begin with article:

1.       Article.  This news genre requires you to stay away from advertising and mentioning your product in the body of the article, however you can give some room to ads in the about author section.  Article has advantage over PR in the sense that article publishers typically use syndication to copy and publish articles from highly respected sites with free reprinting content.  In other words – if you master to print your article to popular article publishers, you may expect your article to be copied to about another ten sites simply by their editors choice

2.       Press Release.  You do not need to be a large enterprise to use PR channel and also you do not have to pay for PR distribution – it is better to understand how press release publisher is helping you to go higher to the top of the google ranking, before you pay the first penny.  Press Release might be compared with newspaper – it lives shorter live than article, however it may do better job during its short life cycle, than article.  So, if you need to boost your promotion during limited period of time, press release might be the right vehicle

3.       Video News.  This is something geared toward the future, as of right now most of the internet publications are text based.  However the success of youtube and other video blogs sites certifies the feasibility of the video news trend

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