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This article is about cash gifting marketing with press releases. It describes different strategies that could be utilized in cash gifting marketing with press releases.

What are press releases and why should they be the very first step in your cash gifting marketing plan?

A press release,Guest Posting in a traditional sense, is an announcement to the press about a certain event or product, written by a company rep or an individual. This is a typical example of a press release title:

"Microsoft Launches the New and Improved Windows Vista 2.0"

The body of such press release would be relatively short, to the point and jam packed with information about the new product. The closing details would contain contact info and a website link to where people can obtain more information. The purpose of the press release would be to get media coverage for the product launch.

YOUR press releases are going to have a slightly different structure and a different end goal...

Let's be realistic. It's unlikely that a major magazine or TV network are going to run a story about cash gifting and in the event they do... why would they choose to talk about a "newbie" online marketer, that has no experience or track record?

So why should you write press releases?

1. To get natural search engine traffic.

Whenever someone performs a Google or Yahoo search on a topic related to cash gifting, you want your website to appear somewhere on the first 2 pages. You can pay to have your website "featured" on top of the search listings, but it is costly and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who's just starting out. Press releases are a GREAT way to get into high positions on search engine listings at NO COST whatsoever.

2. To create content with your name attached to it.

Let's say someone views your website and they're interested in cash gifting and the Abundant Living System. What's the next thing they're gonna do? They are most likely going to google your name and search for interesting, informative information. If there are no materials out there with your name attached, your prospects are going to have serious doubts. They might then go and google "cash gifting mentors" and find someone who looks more impressive and join under them. You DON'T want that to happen!

3. To create "back links" to your websites.

What are back links? They are something that search engine spiders look for when they are listing your website (spiders are programs that Google and Yahoo use to figure out what search position to list websites on). Back links are web pages that have your URL on them. If you have a lot of back links pointing to your website, search engine spiders think that it's more important and list it at a better position. That is why, when you type in a simple keyword "apple" in the search engines, the very first thing on the listings is the official site of the tech giant, not your local farmer's page.

These 3 goals are extremely important to remember whenever you're writing a press release. If you don' keep these goals in mind, you might end up wasting a lot of time and getting poor results when you write press releases.

So, how do you write a press release that meets these 3 goals?

The very first thing to remember is to write in 3d person. You should never say "I", "my", "me" etc. in your press release unless you're quoting somebody.

1. Start from a title

The title is the single MOST IMPORTANT part of your press release. If you write an GREAT press release with a poor title, you will NOT GET ANY RESULTS. The title of your press release is going to be the title of your search engine listing. Thus... you want your title to be optimized for search engines. What that means is having popular cash gifting related keywords and key phrases in your title. You should NEVER try to use a general key phrase like "cash gifting" or "make money online"... you will NEVER make it onto the first page of the search engine listings.

2. The 5555 Mantra

Our 3 press release goals are: search engine optimization, back links and name recognition. The 5555 mantra is a trick that helps you accomplish all three of those goals.

Here is how it works:

- repeat the name of the opportunity at least 5 times in your press release.

- Repeat Your name at least 5 times - the readers will be more likely to remember it.

- Use 5 links in your press release. I recommend having 3 of these links be to your main website, one to your Youtube channel, and one to your Blog.

- Use your Key Phrase at least 5 times. This is very important! Even if use your key phrase twice in the title, that is still not enough to get you high up on the Google listings. That is why you need to repeat your key phrase at least 5 times in the body of the press release.

3. Don't forget the tags

The tags of your press release are categories that it's going to be put into. You want to try to use as many as you can: most free press release websites are going to restrict the number of characters you can use for tags. The rule of thumb is to have general tags as well as very specific ones. The reason is, whenever someone searches for something general like "cash gifting" or "online business" on the press release site, your press release is going to be one of the ones that shows up.

There is a lot more to cash gifting marketing with press releases then can be described in one article. So, please give it the attention it deserves and study it well.

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