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For years I have been studying search engine ... and for the majority of the sites I worked on I have been getting good to very good ... experts feel ... links are losing va

For years I have been studying search engine optimization and for the majority of the sites I worked on I have been getting good to very good positions.

Many experts feel reciprocal links are losing value because the search engines can identify the "one link in,Guest Posting one link out" link structure of a website so the search engines are giving more weight to one way links.

Solution : you link your website to site A, site A links to site B and finally site B links to your site C.

You want proof ? I have a no. 1 position on Yahoo with more then 12 million competing sites :

Check out

While you check my no. 1 position, click on the link and enjoy my collection of funny movies and power point presentations.

This is where my introduction ends, now let's talk practical.

I have a rather new site dedicated to "Euro Millions", the biggest, lump sum, tax free lottery in the world and I want in all the major search engines [aol, google, killerinfo, msn, yahoo, etc. ] a no. 1 position.

Google Suggest Beta is a good way to research for relevant key words for your site, in my case I found this data :

euro millions 1,590,000 results
euro money 10,900,000 results
euro millions results 498,000 results
euro millions lottery 76,600 results
euro million 4,540,000 results

euromillions 58,400 results
euromoney 314,000 results
euromillions results 32,400 results
euromillion 8,970 results

euro lottery 823,000 results
euro lotto 2,170,000 results
euro lottery results 351,000 results
euro lotto results 162,000 results
euro lottery numbers 112,000 results

First step :

You link from your index- or default page to with a text link, for example :

- [ euro millions - the biggest lump sum tax free lottery in the world ], or
- [ euro lotto - the biggest lump sum tax free lottery in the world ], or any of the other major key words for my site listed above.

The key words are linked to and open in a new window.

Second step :

On the bottom of my site you'll find a link to my contact page, use this page to contact me and tell me :

1. The url of your site pointing to (the link should be on your index page and certainly not on a link page with 100 other links).

2. Give me one sentence with your keywords included.

Third step :

The link from your site to my site (site A) is established, on I have a dozen links going to my other site (site B)

On I include your one sentence with your keywords included and with a link to your site (site C).


That's it ! The sites A, B and C are being picked up by the search engines on their monthly rerun and all three sites move up in the major (and other) search engines.

As a bonus for both of us, we'll receive more visitors, not only from the search engines but also from the direct links to our sites.

This is a win-win situation for both of us, so start with the first step right now.

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