Social Media Marketing Plan - It's A Long Term Strategy

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There are many affiliate marketing tools that are essential to your success online, these include blogs, capture pages and affiliate training. However I have noticed that one tool seems to be overlooked by so many people and it is costing them their financial security.

Most people online don't have a social media marketing plan,Guest Posting they just go with the flow each day. But if you want to be in that top 3% of earners you have to have some sort of plan in place for success.

Spending 6 hours a day of Facebook chatting to potential business partners is not really a plan, its just part of your relationship building process. However you don't want to be spending that long do just that, you have to have a long term strategy.

Social media doesn't just encompass Facebook and Twitter, it's about video marketing, article marketing, blogging, connecting and sharing. So you have to plan your time very carefully and set goals for what you want to achieve.

Your social media marketing plan should always start with your blog, that should be your central hub of information. You need to plan how many posts you are going to make each month, how much traffic your want to see increase over the year, your blogs ranking, and its page rank year on year.

When you start out with our blog you will be spending more time in the social sites, driving traffic to your blog. However as your blog gains authority you will spend less time in the social sites as the traffic will increase through Google.

You should be planning on how many article you write each month and where they will be submitted. Again as you write more articles your strategy will change over the course of a year. The same thing will happen with your videos.

The goal will be to have lots of free traffic coming in from Google and social media which will free up your time to build relationships, create more content and connect with your prospects. By having a social media marketing plan that has a long term goal of spending your time with your prospects you will be on the road to success.

You have to think of it like a network marketing business, you will get paid over and over again for the work you have done in the past. This is where so many people fail in social media, because they spend so much of their time in the social media sites that they are not building g the foundations of their business.

Once you have put the ground work in, that's when you really start seeing massive results because the leads and income start coming in on auto pilot.

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