Why Top Search Engine Placements Never Move?

Jan 19


Martin Lemieux

Martin Lemieux

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Why Top Search Engine ... Never Move?By: Martin ... question when it comes to web ... is how do I get top 10 search engine ... for the terms I wish to ... gettin


Why Top Search Engine Placements Never Move?
By: Martin Lemieux

#1 question when it comes to web advertising is how do I get
top 10 search engine placements for the terms I wish to aquire?

Without getting into how to aquire #1 placements (Since there
are virtually 100's of articles explaining these techniques),
let's instead look into how companies who do end up aquiring
them,Why Top Search Engine Placements Never Move? Articles never seem to loose them...

1st you must understand that search engines all over the world
are battleing what seems like a never ending war to be able to
provide the ultimate best results for a search.

So since this is true, search engines are consistently
upgraded in order to improve their results. With upgrades come
new content, with upgrades come loss of placements as well.

We all are consistently updating our sites to better fit
search enignes results but at the same time, the top search
engines are telling us to simply provide great relative
content for your visitors. So why then do we ignore their

See what I've found through many up's and down's is that I had
the ability to get the top placements all along. It was right
under my nose the whole time.

Here it is... are you ready?...

Create your content for what you're after and foget it! Move
on, attack something else.

See, the reason why so many top companies never lose their
precious placements is because they create very good content
and then leave it up to search engines to find it, re-find and
again re-find the same content.

Here's what happens. The 1st time a search engine finds your
content, they archive your information and keep going. Now
that they have it archived, they come back time and time again
to see if they can still provide viewers with that

If by chance you changed it in any way, search engines will
ultimately have to re-archive the information again and start
all over. This in turn is like "loosing interest" in your
information at that time.

So a good rule of thumb is to leave your content the way it is
in order to let search engines to have the opportunity to
archive, double check and maybe tripple check your content

I guarantee you if you create it and forget it, create more
and forget it and stick to that strategy, your bound to hit
your target.

Keep up the good work!

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