Successful Search Engine Positioning

Nov 19


Alex Evans

Alex Evans

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Much research has gone into the best and most widely used ... methods ... a web site. All studies have shown one common fact. Ranking high in a ... engines index is the best, and


Much research has gone into the best and most widely used marketing methods for
promoting a web site. All studies have shown one common fact. Ranking high in a top
search engines index is the best,Successful Search Engine Positioning Articles and most cost effective method of marketing a web
site available. Because each search means that the user is trying to find you meaning
that they are targeted audience whom are much more likely to purchase something
that your web site offers.

There is much confusion about how search engines work and how they index web
sites for higher ranks. Many people believe that by submitting their details once, the
search engine will automatically provide them with a high rank and everyone can find
their site instantly…this is simply not the case!

For those of you who have experience in trying to "successfully" submit your web site
to a search engine, you will know what I am talking about. It is not as easy as people
think. As owner of Darknight Designs I have webmasters ask me on a daily basis,
what they can do to improve their rankings in search engines. Below are some simple
steps that they (and you) can do, to improve your online marketing campaign.

1.Take time to get your site optimised.
This process involves making sure you have quickly loading pages, graphics
that are reduced in memory size, your META Tags are created properly and
your site is uploaded and available for viewing.
This step is the most important one, and should not be done in a rush. Take
your time in making your pages and getting your META Tags & Alt tags done
correctly, as it will pay off in the end. META Tags should resemble the ones

Title for your site-try to use some of your main keywords-no more than<br> 6 words

2.The next step involves creating "alternate entrances" to your site (commonly
called "doorway pages"). These pages are keyword targeted and are really the
only pages that will ever rank high because of the way they were created. Use
only your main keywords or phrases and use one of them per doorway page.
Try to place the keyword in as many areas as possible including the META
Tags, Alt Tags, link tags and the main body-text area. The idea behind this, is
that you will end up with one doorway page for every keyword and phrase that
your web site uses.
3.This step involves submitting each of these new doorway pages to each of the
12 Main search engines, which account for approximately 85% of the worldwide
searches. Place them within your domain and do not have them blatantly
numbered (such as doorway1, 2, 3, etc). I normally name each of my doorway
pages to the keyword that the page is targeting. Search engines are not stupid,
they do not like to be giving out high ranks so the more you do, to hide the fact,
the better. When submitting, do it manually and have each doorway page
registered for the keyword that it is targeting.

As, these main search engines cover 85% of worldwide searches, it is a good idea to
cover the remaining lot to ensure that your site is listed at least. The fact is that you
want to have your site linked on as many other sites as possible. There should be no
limits to how many links you achieve.

Finally, we highly recommend that you resubmit your site at least once per month to
the major engines and then at least on a two week basis, for the directories and link
pages. This will keep your site active and indexed.

Final words;

Search Engines are proven to be the best method of web marketing around so it is
important that you spend a lot of time getting particular areas of your web site
(specified above) properly formatted. Doing it right can save you a massive amount of
money and can easily boost your site traffic enormously. If you simply do not have the
time, consider employing a marketing specialist whom will almost certainly improve
your chances of ranking highly.

Good Luck!

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