Ten Steps To A Well Optimized Website - Step 9: Monitoring

Apr 18


Dave Davies

Dave Davies

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In this ninth installment of our series on optimizing your website, we delve into the crucial practice of monitoring. After achieving top rankings, the challenge shifts to maintaining and defending these positions from competitors. Monitoring isn't just a passive watch; it's an active part of your SEO strategy that involves tracking rankings, analyzing backlinks, and staying updated with changes in search engine algorithms.

The Importance of Monitoring Your SEO Progress

Monitoring your website's SEO performance is essential not just for understanding your current standings but also for strategizing future improvements. This step ensures that the hard-earned progress you've made in search engine rankings is not lost and helps you respond proactively to any potential threats from competitors.

Key Areas of Focus in SEO Monitoring

  1. Rank Tracking: Regularly check where your pages stand in search engine results for targeted keywords.
  2. Link Monitoring: Keep an eye on your site's backlink profile and that of your competitors.
  3. Algorithm Updates: Stay informed about changes in search engine algorithms and adjust your strategies accordingly.

Detailed Monitoring Techniques

Monitoring Your Rankings

  • Manual Checks: Directly search your keywords and see where your site ranks. This method ensures accuracy and compliance with search engine terms.
  • Automated Software: Tools like WebPosition Gold can automate the ranking check process across multiple search engines and keywords.
  • Online Services: Faster than manual checks and often free,Ten Steps To A Well Optimized Website - Step 9: Monitoring Articles services like Mike's Marketing Tools offer a quick overview of your rankings.

Monitoring Your Backlinks

Regularly reviewing your backlink profile is crucial as it influences your SEO performance. Tools like Top Optimizer Pro provide insights into the quantity and quality of backlinks, helping you understand and outmaneuver competitors' strategies.

Staying Updated with SEO Changes

The SEO landscape is continually evolving, with frequent updates to search engine algorithms and shifts in best practices. Subscribing to reputable SEO newsletters and participating in forums can keep you informed about the latest developments. Recommended resources include:

  • Newsletters: High Rankings Advisor by Jill Whalen offers expert insights into SEO trends.
  • Forums: Platforms like SEO Chat and High Rankings are great for real-time discussions on SEO updates.

Why Monitoring Matters

Monitoring is not just about protecting your current SEO achievements; it's about leveraging ongoing insights to adapt and thrive in an ever-changing digital landscape. By effectively monitoring your SEO activities, you can make informed decisions that enhance your website's visibility and search engine performance.

Next week, we conclude our series with a discussion on additional optimization strategies that go beyond the basics covered in previous articles. Stay tuned to ensure your website not only reaches but maintains its peak performance in search results.

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