5 Must-Dos for an Effective Content Marketing Strategy

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In case you are new to the world of content marketing, creating your own strategy might seem like an overwhelming task. Even though the first steps seem to be intimidating, you’ll surely get a hang of it. Below we listed the top 5 elements that can help you end up with an effective marketing strategy. Today a small buzz here, tomorrow a small buzz there – the online world is totally unpredictable. Nothing is written in stone – your content marketing strategy shouldn’t be either.

SEO is the Key

With content marketing,Guest Posting you can combine quality content, social media, and search engine rankings. Consider hiring a SEO professional, due to the complexity of the tasks. Make sure to dedicate enough time for research. This includes getting to know the most relevant keywords for your business. Even this small extra initial step can boost your online success.

A lot of business out there still do not consider SEO as an important marketing tool. Simply by posting content filled with relevant keywords, you are getting ahead of them. Make sure that your content is literally SEO “optimized” and not simply a bunch of text filled with keywords. Google will surely appreciate your efforts!


Strengthen Your Online Presence

Having specific strategies for all the popular social platforms is also important. You need to establish a strong social presence, which can further support your traffic growth. Make sure to create effective posts that can grow and engage your community.

Make your audience feel that they are involved in your processes. This approach ensures the highest engagement. Create live streams, start up your own blog, and make your followers feel involved. This will not only strengthen your online presence but can create an active community. This enables you to receive instant, extremely valuable feedback. So don’t forget to nurture your own online community!


Create Smart Content and Go Evergreen

Get creative on content creation! Publishing 2 interesting articles per day is nice, but it might not be the best approach. Build smart content by creating small infographics, salvaging some old photos taken by your creative team, or creating witty posts. This can also include guest posting as an integral part of your content marketing strategy. By combining creative content creation methods, you can achieve an image that says: “Hey! I’m thinking outside the box”.

In many cases you’ll find that the buzz dies down quickly - then you another dose of quality content. But what if you can deploy content that stays valuable in the long run? That’s
where evergreen content comes in! Evergreen content stays relevant over time. This means that: “it does not expire and does not cease to inspire”. Check the most important aspects needed to create quality evergreen content. It can easily become the cornerstone of your marketing strategy!


On average 49% of companies are currently using Marketing automation, with more than half of B2B companies (55%) adopting the technology. The tendency has been growing rapidly since 2011. Top companies are aware that it is not enough to generate leads, but managing them is also vital for success. Marketing content automation can help you capture and maintain known information about prospects. It also helps you optimize your processes and save tremendous amounts of time.

This growing trend is undeniable. However, there are still some implementation struggles. Configuring such tools and maintaining them might mean heavy extra costs in some cases. Look for best practices to get the most out of automation for your own business.


Stay Flexible

Creating an initial strategy is vital, but you’ll have to be prepared to make adjustments. Monitor reactions online, keep an eye on those conversion rates and analyze feedback. The data you receive is the most precious part of your online marketing strategy. By analyzing your results and drawing conclusions, you can make sure that things are going as planned.

Make sure you check out brand mentions, specific keywords, and industry influencers. This way you can stay on the top of your game, and have yourself a flexible content marketing strategy. 

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