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I was reflecting on ways to increase traffic to your blog. There are many, many things you can try to di itbut all the guides that you find on Internet always talk about the same things ... seo optimization, how to leverage social news and so on.

Yet despite all bloggers and webmasters engage in these activities there are blogs that are successful and those that are not, why?

Knowing your website's visitors is one of the key for the success of your blog,Guest Posting knowing what type of people are attracted by your blog (or what you draw) it will certainly be easier for you to create interesting content for your visitors.

For example, if your site is a blog about gardening, where you explain how to plant a particular plant, in what season, how to ensure its growth and so on, surely your readers and / or people interested in your blog are gardening passionate persons.

Or if your website is a site where you review (and maybe you sell them as an affiliate) the best sports shoes, definitely your site will be interesting for people who love sports, like athletes, but may also affect adolescents, who are always seeking the latest Nike shoes.

As you can see, identifing broadly what kind of people could be interested in your site or blog is not difficult; you must be careful, however, which is the specific target to which your site is pointed.

For example if your gardening blog you could try to discuss the topics in depth on the assumption that your visitors could be people who know nothing about gardening but would like to start practicing this kind of hobby or people who are already passionate about gardening and perhaps are looking for ways to keep alive their loved tulips throughout the year.

But the same gardening blog could discuss about the topics on the assumption that those who follow you are already expert and then if you talk about scion they know what you're debating. Identifing in advance the audience that you want to contact is crucial for the success of your online project.

Before starting your project you have to decide what kind of public you are addressing also because each audience has its own requirements.

If you had a blog related to p2p for example, the need for a newcomer to the P2P could be how to configure eMule to download more quickly, while an informed public could be more interested to a guide to how to successfully compile the eMule source code on Linux.

It is clear that any kind of user has different needs, so if you want to involve a large number of people you need to meet different needs and try to be clear for those who are not experts on it and for who already is.

As I said before, it is easy to see what type of people you want to involve in yuor blog/website.

What you have to decide is what level of audiance you want to contact, if the novice or enthusiast or even experts in this subject.

You do not always make this choice, for example in the case of the site that provides reviews of the best sports shoes in the market there is little distinction to be made. If your player is an athlete or a teenager or a consumer it does not make too much difference for you.

In summary, before you start your online project you need to know who you want to contact and what skills/knowledge are required, beacause these parameters define the needs of your audience.

Set these posts you can proceed to identify the needs of audience they want to contact. Doing this may seem difficult if not impossible, but as I show you in a moment, there are many ways to do it.

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