Is a $299 Listing Fee Worth It?

Jan 2


Sage Lewis

Sage Lewis

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The first paragraph of this article discusses the recent price increase of LookSmart's "Express Submit" program from $199 to $299. This service guarantees a review of your site within two business days. The "Basic Submit" program, which ensures a review in eight weeks, has also seen a price hike from $99 to $149. The article explores whether these increased costs are justified, considering the potential benefits and drawbacks.


LookSmart's Pricing Structure

LookSmart,Is a $299 Listing Fee Worth It? Articles a crucial tool in search engine marketing according to SageRock, has recently made its services less accessible by increasing the prices of its programs. The "Express Submit" program, which promises a review of your site within two business days, has seen a price increase from $199 to $299. Similarly, the "Basic Submit" program, which guarantees a review in eight weeks, has gone up from $99 to $149.

However, the costs don't stop there. LookSmart offers multiple ways for you to invest your money. The "Express Submit" program allows you to submit up to 5 different URLs of your site, useful if your site has distinct sections. Each URL submission will cost you $299.

If you're unsatisfied with your LookSmart listing, you can use the "Express Modify" program. This allows you to change your description for $199 or add an additional category in the LookSmart directory for your site for $149. If you need to change your site's address, you must use the $299 "Express Submit" option.

For those with a substantial marketing budget, the "LookListings" program is available, starting at $2500 a month for a pay-for-performance program.

Why the High Prices?

According to Jupiter Media Metrix, a leading Internet and new technology analysis and measurement company, the LookSmart Network reaches 77% of Internet users in the US, through 5 of the top 10 portals, 5 of the top 10 ISPs, and hundreds of additional ISP and media partners worldwide. These partners include Microsoft's MSN, Excite@Home, AltaVista, iWon, NetscapeNetcenter, Inktomi, and AOL Time Warner, to name a few.

The Benefits and Drawbacks

The advantage of these pricing options is that they are one-time fees (except for the "LookListings" program). Once you've paid, you're not obligated to spend any more. Over time, you're likely to get your money's worth. Additionally, being listed in a LookSmart category can boost your popularity with other search engines.

However, there are instances where you might not see much value. Some categories have long lists of alphabetically organized sites. If your company name begins with a letter towards the end of the alphabet, you might find your site buried in pages of listings. For example, a metals part maker with a company name starting with "W" could be lost in 6 pages of alphabetically organized pages. You can see an example of this here.

Is It Worth It?

In the marketing world, $299 is not a significant amount, especially considering the extensive presence LookSmart provides. Once you're in the directory, you're in for good. In the evolving Internet economy, we're likely to see more price increases as companies strive to find viable business models. Nine times out of ten, LookSmart is a wise investment. However, it's recommended to do some research to see where you're likely to be listed. If your category accurately represents your company and you'll get a decent positioning based on your company name's alphabetical order, LookSmart could give you a significant traffic boost.

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